With a new DC Comics event, Witching Hour, announced with covers posted online, it shows a Wonder Woman turned evil. The amazing covers make nerds question when else have superheroes turned evil? Not the alternate universe counterparts or evil doppelgangers, but the heroes themselves. What made them turn and did they return again to the side of the angels? NerdBastards delves into the details of DC’s Witching Hour event as well as 5 other heroes who have taken a ride on the dark side.


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Last week, Jason Statham said some stuff about the Marvel Studios’ oeuvre that were a bit, um, insensitive. That’s the diplomatic way of putting it, because actually he was downright brutal. The word ‘diss’ would not be misused in this situation. Obviously, such utterances are likely to make nerds angry, and you won’t like some nerds when their angry. And the Hulk, or rather the guy that plays the Hulk, well he’s just kind of laughing it off. In a recent interview, Mark Ruffalo was asked about Statham’s summation of his work, and that of the rest of Marvel Studios’ cast, and his reaction is just that this is Statham being Statham. (more…)

Top Ten Superhero Movie Goons

Whenever we watch a movie with a superhero, the first thing we see is the villain and his second in command (aka Head Goon). They can come in any form, with any power, and have a motivation that is similar but slightly different from the person they follow. They are armed with crazy bodily abilities, wit, and weapons that are used so fluidly they could be seen as an equal caliber of danger compared to those they serve. Every villain has one, and at times when the boss fails these goons can carry on the torch of vengeance, or die an epic, but slightly drawn out death. So let’s step through the evil hierarchy looking glass and see the top goons in Superhero Movie lore…