After having attended the Toronto Fan Expo for many years, I’m used to the fact that celebrity guests charge for their autographs and for taking photographs with them. I don’t claim to know how other conventions work, but it’s something that we’ve come to expect at Fan Expo. While the prices may seem steep, they’re not completely unreasonable. I mean, last year, Stan Lee was charging $40 for an autograph and it was significantly less than I expected it to be. Summer Glau‘s autograph was the same price.

So Hayden Panettiere charging $30 for signage this year is, in comparison, not outrageous.

Not according to some dumbass “Daily Mail Reporter” assface. Some guy/girl/thing wrote an article for the Daily Mail basically saying that times must be tough for Panettiere to have to charge $30 per autograph. Click here if you’re interested in reading this fuckin’ garbage; the writer clearly didn’t do any research ’cause there’s no mention of the fact that pretty much all guests charge for autographs. Anyway, rather than going on about this idiot myself, let’s see what Eliza Dushku had to say about it!

Dear Sir,

I write to you because the piece of your paper that concerns me was anonymous. The piece was 27th August titled “Are times that tough Hayden?” ridiculing and attacking the actor Hayden Panettiere for participating in a Toronto Expo fan gathering where fans are charged money (Oh shock! Oh shame!) in exchange for autographs, signed pictures, and the chance for a bit of face time with their favorite celebrity.

My dear editor, how does Hayden’s action differ from what you do for much of the content of your “news” paper? There we have celebrities exchanging their name (sometimes willy-nilly, no permission asked), their time, and their pictures in exchange for a bit of publicity for their work. At least the fan shows (such as the current Toronto Expo one) are honest and up front about the exchange. In addition, at these shows both fans and celebrities get some precious small contact with each other as real people. Your paper does not provide that value.

Yes, you will have to tell me where you think you get off attempting to diminish a young actor who is attempting to reach out to fans in one of the only practical ways provided by the entertainment industry, an industry your paper is a part of and largely dependent on.

It is particularly shoddy that the author scoffs at Hayden’s lack of “Harry Potter” or “Spiderman” fame while leaving himself unnamed as “Daily Mail Reporter.” Talk about being a parasite! Does Daily Mail Reporter want to shoot down Hayden’s career, just at it’s beginning, and then take a salary for doing so. Seriously, Sir, for shame.

Now, it’s not clear how we can be sure that this is actually Eliza Dushku talking but in any case, I give my applause.

Source: Bleeding Cool

San Diego Comic-Con, you fool me not once, not twice, but 3 fucking times?! Quit being a cock tease and just drop your laundry all ready, jeez!

Yes, registration for San Diego Comic Con 2011 has had it’s share of issues. The reason for the craziness this year is because Comic-Con made such a big deal that Four Day Badges With Preview Night were sold out a full year in advance. Attendees of 2010 Comic-Con scooped all of those up and Comic-Con publicized it as a way of saying “hey check out how big my dick is”. What that did, though, was it made everyone who hadn’t purchased a badge nervous. Now they couldn’t get into preview night, which is the best time to get exclusives and they felt, if they didn’t buy their badge the SECOND it went on sale, they’d be shut out. That’s what happened on November 1 and again on November 22. Everybody logged onto buy a badge and crashed their system. The third time was a very short test which sold through a thousand tickets in seconds.

They say they can handle the traffic now.

So let’s try this again. The ultimate nerd convention is once again going to attempt to sell badges to their 2011 event, taking place July 21-24, at 6 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. Attendee Registration will open online here on Saturday, February 5th at 9 am PT, Noon ET, 5pm GMT.

Fourth time lucky…