bumble bee


Coming off the back of a cumulative worldwide total of just over a billion dollars, fuelled by the predictable ‘ending-that-screams-out-sequel’ fare, we were all expecting the announcement of a sequel to the critically panned, Transformers: Age of Extinction. It came as no surprise Paramount fast-tracked the follow-up to the Box Office behemoth, adding in a tentative 2016 release date for good measure. The business model is sound: you keep lapping up the goods; we’ll keep producing the material –  in other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, a few questions still remain… and one of the big ‘uns is whether Michael Bay is returning to direct the follow-up. (more…)

Seriously? This may be the most insane costume and news I could report. I don’t know how this is made or where I can get one, but the quality of this BumbleBee costume is not subpar…..It is a work of fucken art! The only thing missing is an actual repulser cannon to blast an old highschool enemy to cinders for calling Transformers “gay”.

(Thanks to Liz for the Tip)