Bungie, creator of the mega-hit Halo franchise,  has a new game on the block. Destiny is the first project Bungie will put out since the break with Microsoft after Halo:Reach.  Destiny is a “Shared World Shooter” a combination of the traditional first person shooter game and the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Bungie hopes to bring the best of both styles of play together in Destiny.

The storyline is set in the distant future as the last warriors of Humanity struggle to protect the last safe city on the planet from the mysterious enemies that destroyed all of human kinds colonies on other worlds. The open-world game will allow players to explore those colonies and travel to and explore other planets. Bungie is planning for this game world to be one of the largest ever created for an MMORPG.

The game will include both competitive and cooperative single-player and multiplayer modes. The game’s modes are designed to “seamlessly merge” together and won’t feature the traditional multiplayer matchmaking like you might see in Call of Duty or Halo and other online games. It will be interesting to see what these changes might bring.

Bungie put together this video to help describe and explain the game play in this massive new online project:

Right now, the game is currently in only in development for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 with no release date as of yet. I’m a traditional PC gamer so I’m hoping that platform won’t be ignored by developers.

There’s some concept art that has been released to the Internet below, and you can head over to Polygon to check out the full rundown of the game and additional pics.

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Halo: Reach Is Out NOW!


Well folks, the blessed day has finally arrived!

Yes, the much anticipated XBox 360 game of Halo: Reach has finally come out today, and from what I have read, it is a must have game.

The story takes place in the year 2552, and a few short weeks before the events of the original Halo: Combat Evolved game, with the military and Spartan (think heavily armored super-soldier) training planet being overrun by big bad aliens known as the Covenant. The aliens are big, bag, and take no prisoners. You take control of Noble 6, the newest recruit in the legendary Noble Team, who are tasked with fighting the nasty aliens.

Being the final entry of the Halo franchise for Bungie (don’t worry, Microsoft has the reins now, and will be sure to create more games for this highly successful brand), they go out with a bang. I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but the ending, and the revelations therein, apparently will blow any Halo fans mind right out of their helmet.

Halo: Reach is getting rave reviews from all gaming websites and magazines, and will be sure to be a contender for the best XBox 360 game released this year.

What are you waiting for? Go line up to get your copy now!

But, for those who want a quick re-fresh of the Halo Universe, here is a video courtesy of IGN.

More Halo 3: ODST Videos


If there’s one thing that Bungie and Microsoft can do justice to, it’s all the live action Halo commercials they make. Hell, I still remember the funeral one as it for some reason made an impact to me (could be the military brat in me). Anyway, the second Halo: Reach commercial has been released on the internet and like always, it does not disappoint. Like the first Reach (which is posted after the jump) commercial, they are both directed by Noam Murro. So what are you waiting for, check the trailer out and tell us what you think and see if this trailer makes you want to finish the fight… once again. Or would it be start the fight since it’s a prequel?

Source: /Film (more…)


With the Halo: Reach beta ending last week, about 2.7 million gamers had a taste of the multi-player during the 18 day period (longer for some gamers). Now gamers who has been wanting ever since the end of the beta will now get their chance on September 14, which Bungie stating that date will be a world wide release, while other countries are more likely getting the game the next day. With three different editions of the game available to pre-order, where the legendary edition has a ten pound statue from McFarlane Toys, GameStop has already stated that pre-order are off the charts for the game. This will be the last Halo game developed by Bungie.

What do ya’ll think? You think Bungie has put all the epic in this, such as jet packs, to make this a fun game or ya’ll lost interest with the franchise because of games such as Gears of War and Modern Warfare? I didn’t play the beta but I have seen my brother playing the beta for couple hours and gotta say that like any Halo multi-player, it looked awesomely fun. Either way, we’ll be seeing a lot of new tea bagginng videos after the 14th of September.