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Welcome back to the Award Seeking RadioBastard podcast, I’m drunk.

This time on the show, we’re talking about Star Wars and a bunch of stuff that isn’t Star Wars (but mainly Star Wars,) so buckle in for some talk about Star Wars ’cause we’ve got the teaser trailer, the careful and calm dissection of that trailer, adorabot naming rights, the finer points of DYI light sabery and, disbelief over the John Boyega hate.

Oh, and the other stuff? How about: (more…)

A Look at Some Great Movie Moustaches


This collection of wonderful cookies dusters is exclusive to nerdbastards.com. Thanks to, well… me! Blake Stevenson nerd illustrator extraordinaire! I have been meaning to put more of my work up on the site seeing as it all is pretty nerd related. So, for my first submission i leave you with this. A collection of great tv and film moustaches.

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