Twitter was sent atwitter this week when Joss Whedon left Twitter. The Avengers: Age of Ultron writer/director might be forgiven for deleting his account after a hectic few years of making and promoting a huge studio-driven blockbuster; the job was done, so the feed is dead. But something slightly more insidious entered the picture. Rumors started flying that Whedon had left the social media platform after being inundated with death threats and other negative posts concerning developments in Ultron, specifically the depiction of its lead female character as a damsel in distress. But did so-called “Militant Feminists” push Whedon to leave Twitter behind? The director himself says no. (more…)

Street Fighter, the Right/Fun Way

If this doesn’t perk up a lame Monday morning, I don’t know what will. Buzzfeed brings us this awesome/awful version of the “Street Fighter” movie that is oh-so much better than what we actually got in any SF film. Enjoy the costumes, cheesy (but game-true) sets, action choreography and hadouken. In addition, you’ll inexplicably hear the familiar “Mortal Kombat” music at the beginning of the clip. Yeah, I don’t get it either.