Toxicity in fandom isn’t limited to Star Wars. Every franchise has its trolls that people don’t like to talk about. Don’t feed them, don’t give them attention, and they’ll eventually go away. Unfortunately, even a bit of bad attention is enough for folks to thrive on. Fans are passionate, and when fans are passionate in equal but different ways, the fandom splits and near-war breaks out. Arguing is fine, it’s one of the things we as nerds do. A healthy debate helps drive things forward. If we didn’t cuss and discuss how things work, why they work, motives and histories, our fandoms wouldn’t grow to be as big as they are. But when does our passion get taken too far? When the drama around the fandom almost overshadows the hype around the things we love.



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Now that Batman V Superman has been out of the theaters for a while and available on home release, the time for people warring about it online has all but come to pass. Fans have now set their sights on Justice League, which debuted a fantastically well-received trailer at San Diego Comic-Con. The teaser showed what appears to be a fun superhero team-up film in style of The Avengers, and managed to do the impossible – make Aquaman a total bad-ass. Fans are also giddy over the trailer for Wonder Woman which also premiered at SDCC, which looks like a feminist cross-fitter’s wet dream. Warner Bros/DC really knocked it out of the park at Comic Con and has seemingly won over every fan who ever said anything bad about Batman V Superman. But… about that. The veritable shit storm of negative reviews from critics still linger like stink on a monkey. Why, though… why are people still arguing online about how bad the movie was/is?

There’s plenty of reviews out there that explain in detail the lack of story, characterizations,  and absurd motivations (I, for one, still have no idea why the deuce Lex Luthor had it in for Superman) but it actually all comes down to one fundamental flaw – Forced Moments. What does that mean? Well, because hating on BvS never gets old, watch this new video essay from Youtuber Nerdwriter1 as he attempts to explain what the fundamental flaw is in Zack Snyder‘s comic book sequel. (more…)


Remember when you first heard about Batman v. Superman:Dawn of Justice and you were super excited?  Unfortunately, things didn’t necessarily turn out as well as they should of and because of it…Well, Warner Brothers and DC really have a bit of a mess on their hands, don’t they? After the absolutely critically panned BvS, rumors about WB shaking things up continue to swirl and if THR has it right, things may be even stickier than they appear.  According to sources, thanks to Captain America: Civil War‘s box office grab over the past few weeks, WB/DC has finally made a decision to focus on shifting things in the DC Extended Universe before it gets too late.   (more…)


Whether you liked it or not (chances are NOT),  Batman v. Superman was a thing that happened and for better or worse, the film did serve its purpose: it served as a launching point for the DCEU. Fans are eager to see exactly what that universe will have to offer and their next glimpse of that world comes in the form of David AyersSuicide Squad. Since the first trailer hit for the bad-guy led film back at San Diego Comic-Con, fans cannot get enough and they are positively ready to see just what the movie will offer. Well, according to the folks over at BirthMoviesDeath, it seems that one thing that the movie did not offer was a bit of levity. If their sources are correct, the film’s bleakness may have even just necessitated reshoots, a few months before the release. (more…)

Ben Affleck To Direct ‘The Batman’?


Years ago, there was a tiny comic book called Detective Comics.  In issue #27 of the series, readers were introduced to a character that, at the time, was called Bat-Man.  Over the next 75 years, the character would be portrayed on both the small and big screens, beginning with Lewis Wilson back in 1943, and most recently portrayed by Christian Bale.  It’s been about three years since Bale’s last outing as the Caped Crusader in The Dark Knight Rises but, as the entire planet knows, it won’t be too much longer before we see another actor, Ben Affleck, don the iconic cowl in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  But what of another solo outing?  If the rumor of the day is correct, it appears that Affleck may get his stand alone shot in November of 2018. (more…)

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Since the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is filming, pics making their way from the set are inevitable. Some are from sneaky fans or unruly crew members, others come from official sources. Here are a couple more that have come our way. Take a look at the movie’s version of LexCorp as well as a couple of other generally unremarkable things that were lying about. (more…)