Caitlin Stasey


This trailer gives us a real proper look at what I, Frankenstein is all about. And what that is, well, I’m still unsure but it’s got gargoyles, fireballs, and one sexy monster. With all that it may surprise you to learn this version of Frankenstein’s monster, while based on the graphic novel of the same name by Kevin Grievous, is actually  closer to Mary Shelley’s original creation than the more popular Universal monster. In I, Frankenstein Aaron Eckhart not only talks, but talks intelligently, a trait usually left out of the Frankenstein character. I don’t believe Shelley ever considered the whole action hero, scythe-wielding angle, though, so it’s likely that’s where the similarities stop.

Check out the full trailer below the cut.


I,Frankenstein banner

Last week, the first shirtless image of I, Frankenstein star Aaron Eckhart made its way online and was only the first of what’s to come. With Lionsgate‘s plans to show off their prime talent in the famed Hall H at San Diego Comic Con, the studio is looking for more ways to promote their convention presence. And so, we have these exclusive I, Frankenstein character posters.

Featuring Aaron Eckhart, one of the film’s Gargoyle Order, and one of the Demons of Naberious, the three posters will be on display all convention long. Until then check out these full-sized posters below. (more…)