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I love videogames, which probably explains why I’m glued to my computer screen during E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) going on this week.

And yet, sometimes video game endings just never live up to their expectations. Others do, like Bioshock, but Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 does not.

But, what if you could change the ending? What if you could remake it how it should have ended?

That is what the website, did, and I must say, it is fantastic! If you enjoyed the game, but thought the ending could use a dash more dark humor and pokes at bizarre security at an airport, you’re in luck!

Check out the video below, and see what could have happened to Alexei Borodi (aka U.S. Army Ranger Private First Class Joseph Allen), you’ll be glad you did.

155169-modern-warfare-2_ghostSeems like Activision did some talking recently due to the whole Infinity Ward hapenings and we got a surprise out of it. Although they claimed that Infinity Ward, with out its two top heads, will finish up the two promised DLC packs this year, it doesn’t seem we’ll be getting Modern Warfare 3 next year. We will be getting what many are assuming World at War 2 or what ever Treyarch (CoD 3, CoD: World at War) released this year, next year though, a new company will give Call of Duty a shot. That company is Sledgehammer Games, which is a company that was formed by two people who left Visceral Games (Dead Space) and Activision announced that it would be an Action Adventure game, not a First-Person shooter.

Yeah, my initial thought is why, but it might be interesting to see how it will work seeing how the CoD series HAS ALWAYS been a FPS series. Either way, Activision wants money and they seriously have become the new EA within the last couple years and the boss man, Bobby Kotick has quickly becoming a person that people love to hate ever since his comments of wanting games to be priced more than $60. You guys think this is good thing for the CoD series or will this new action adventure game will fail like how Halo: Wars kinda was a failure with the Halo fans. Let’s just hope Kotick doesn’t get the idea to mix CoD and Guitar Hero together because I don’t want to think what evil would be produced by that idea.

Source: Destructoid, Kotaku

1259314200_cod68So after what was dubbed “ApocalyPS3” where all Original/Phat PS3 were not working because the internal clock thought it was February 29th and now with the problem all solved, it seems like the videogame world can’t rest as something else has happened. Apparently, a bunch of security showed up in the office of Infinity Ward, the developers that brought us Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare 2, and scared a bunch of the workers as they had no idea what was going on. Vince Zampella & Jason West, the two top heads of Infinity Ward, has been missing since they left for a meeting with Activision this morning.  A lot of people don’t know what to say about this as there is not much info around. There is speculation that this could be a stunt to get people not to focus on tomorrow’s release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and have gamers pay attention to the upcoming DLC for Modern Warfare 2. Hopefully nothing really bad did or does happen or this week will indeed be a weird week of video games.

Update: Looks like we got an update and that Jason West, one of the the founding members of Infinity Ward, has parted ways with the company. There has been word that there is tension between Activision and Infinity Ward and this may be the result of it. No word on Vince Zampella at the moment.

Update 2: It seems that Activision filed an SEC, citing “breaches into contracts and insubordination by two senior employees at Infinity Ward.” As to what was breached, has not been said but this isn’t the first time Activision took a developing team to court, as one would remember they tried to sue Tim Schafer’s (Psychonauts, Brutal Legend) Double Fine for going to EA after Activision dropped them in ditch and believed that Brutal Legend wasn’t going to sell. While it’s not confirmed, Vince Zampella may be the second person mention in the SEC but has not been confirmed. One can only wonder if this will affect  the future of  the Modern Warfare franchise seeing how Activision’s favorite thing to do is milk a franchise to death, like Guitar Hero.

Update 3: It has now been confirmed that Vince Zampella has also parted ways. Sucks how they weren’t even able to go back to their offices and have a proper farewell with their co-workers.

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X10 News Galore

xbox_360_logoSo Microsoft had an event today that would surly make the 360 fan boys e-penis hard and I’m sure your all wondering why the hell would a dumb Sony gamer would write about a Microsoft event. Well, that’s because I’m excited as well since 2010 seems like another good year for video games and it seems that the only ones really crying will be our wallets. Here are highlights from the event:


The Many Faces of COD’s Ghost


That’s right. Its Unofficial. Who’s the most badass guy in Modern Warfare? Soap? Fuck no. The quiet and reserved beast GHOST.  Well  now you can look like him with his signature skull skully while you sit and play COD…Or rob a convenient store. There is a multi colored set, but you’d be a dumbass to buy anything other than white. For order info, hit it here. Via Unreality.

While all you video game junkies have been wearing your hands bloody with Call of Duty4-MW2…A few choice others have slipped by the radar that may pique your interest, but 1 in particular…Yes, yesterday Assassin’s Creed 2 was released.

I began the game with extreme enthusiasm but was shocked at the new style and the way the story arc began. I will not spoil this delightfully delicious game at all but I have my opinion on the first few hours of game play. A preview if you would. (more…)