If you’ve been following pop culture at all for the last few months, you’ve already seen some of the genius tactics that the marketing team behind the upcoming Deadpool film have employed.  The latest offering comes with the return of the hit television show “The X-Files” last night – and since both the show and the movie are both Fox properties, it makes perfect sense (in that weird, Deadpool kind of way) to do a mashup of the two. (more…)


Ghostbusters 2 is one of the most maligned sequels in the history of film, but is it possible there’s a version of the film that the fickle winds of fandom might enjoy? A filmmaker by the name of Bradley Bjornstad is banking on it by launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 to not only make a documentary about the road not taken, but for a re-edit of Ghostbusters 2 to suit the original vision for the project a la the Richard Donner edit of Superman II.

The story goes that there was one version of Ghostbusters 2 that got everyone to the set, and then another version that Columbia Pictures mandated, the version that made it to screens in the summer of 1989, the version that skirted just a little too close to how the first Ghostbusters film unfolded. I understand why that ticks people off, but really, is Ghostbusters 2 honestly that bad?

Still, Bjornstad’s experiment is at least interesting, so why not let him sell it to you. The Kickstarter video for Ghostbusters 2: The Original Vision is below:

Sounds pretty ambitious for a director that nobody, not even his mom, has ever heard of, right? While I think Bjornstad could probably achieve the documentary part of his Kickstarter, I somehow doubt that Sony is going to give him footage from Ghostbusters 2 to re-edit and release on his own. And considering that Bjornstad has raised a little over two per cent of his $100,000 goal with 16 days till deadline, I think there maybe a lot of other doubters out there too.

How about it, Bastards, what to see the original vision of Ghostbusters 2? Would you pay to help get it made? Sound off below.

Source: Cinema Blend