Last week, Lost Girl went where it hasn’t gone before, but given its subject matter it probably should have (much like the season premiere “Caged Fae”). Except instead of a women’s prison, in “Eyes Wide Fae” it’s a sex club. Strangely enough though, with everything else going on the episode, the whole sex club idea was almost more of an afterthought.

We open with Bo and Lauren at the Dal looking for a little succubus snack, and while Bo does the deed with a stacked blonde, Lauren tries to find a more scientific way to curb Bo’s tremendous hunger. Kenzi’s doing some research too, but wait! Wasn’t Kenzi dragged away by some unseen force last week? Didn’t she have some terrible flesh-eating disorder on her arm?

Regardless, Kenzi’s found an unusual happening on the internet, a story about an average husband who spontaneously turned to goo in front of his wife. The husband was a regular (with his girlfriend on the side) at a sex club run by Roman, a Light Fae, a Bacchus, who feeds on the indulgences of humans. Business at the club is hopin’, but there’s more than one victim turning to goo, and after some undercover work, the team discovers that Roman is harboring a Manta, an giant squid like UnderFae that the club patrons would, ahem, play with if they’re looking for a new, ahem, game (so to speak).

But the big news this week is Bo kills again. The strumpet Bo and Lauren take home ends up dead, and at the crime scene, Dyson definitely smells Bo’s presence. Brought in for interrogation, Bo confesses that she has no idea what happened to the girl except that she was alive when they were done. Kenzi backs up the story, saying that she personally saw the woman leave their home, alive. But Bo let’s herself go while fighting the bad guys at the club, and for a minute there she seems completely out of control before Lauren’s able to talk her down. Whatever’s wrong with Bo, it’s getting harder to control.

Speaking of things that are wrong, there was something just a little bit off about Kenzi this week. She seemed more clingy than normal and she even tried to pay for her beer at the Dal, but most telling was that she ate some peanut laced Thai food, and Kenzi’s allergic to peanuts. So who is this wearing a Kenzi suit, and what have they done with the real Kenzi? Let’s look forward.

This week’s episode is called “The Kenzi Scale,” and in it we get some idea about what’s been going on with both Bo and Kenzi. Naturally, there are more questions than answers. Here’s what to look for:

1) Guess Who’s Going to Prison? – If you said whoever’s posing as Kenzi, you’d be wrong. Bo takes Faux-Kenzi to the Dal and tries to get her to confess, but turning the tables, “Kenzi” instead puts it all on Bo, who’s promptly jailed by Trick and the others.

2) Case of the Week – Trying to sort out the secrets and lies. Bo knows Kenzi is not Kenzi, but how can she prove it from her cell under the Dal? Meanwhile, the non-Kenzi is seeing her schemes maybe come apart, how long till Bo’s protests are finally heard by one of the gang? And Kenzi herself, how is she going to get out of her current predicament, tapped in a cave and guarded by UnderFae?

3) Opportunity Knocks If there’s one person utterly jubilant about Bo’s predicament, it’s The Morrigan. She presses Tamsin to get proof that Bo is responsible for putting that Dark Fae in a coma, but Tamsin’s not so sure she wants Bo butt in Dark Fae custody anymore, especially after they share an adventure together in this episode. But The Morrigan warns Tamsin not to get sucked in by the “happy sunshine gang.”

4) Speaking of Tamsin… – We finally get to see this week what a Valkyrie is capable of, and let’s just say it’s not pretty. Literally. Tamsin’s Valkyrie face will give you a real Walking Dead vibe.

5) And Kenzi’s a What Now? – There may be some interesting implications in Kenzi’s future. Meaning that maybe she left her last visit to the Norn with more than a rash. But the Fae currently running around with Kenzi’s face is Inari, a Kitsune or Fox Fae. Inari has a knack for going all Fatal Attraction on anyone that might call her friend, but her power was taken by the Norn and bottled amongst the Norn’s other stolen items till Kenzi broke it during her Texas Chainsaw Massacre in last season’s penultimate episode. But there’s a line in there that has some pretty interesting implications for Kenzi. That perhaps her spilling of Inari’s power left her with more than a rash.

6) Trouble in Paradise – What about Lauren? Well, she goes along with the whole locking up her lover thing as it will give her an opportunity to study Bo and find out why she’s been killing people on the side. Bo, obviously, doesn’t take the betrayal well and promises Lauren that she’ll be more than a little upset if Kenzi dies while her girlfriend studies her from a cage.

7) Survey Says… – We do find out why Bo’s been going off the reservation since the beginning of the season. Obviously that’s a pretty big spoiler, and the revelation ultimately sets up what’s to come for the rest of the season. A hint? Sure, I can sum it up in one word: evolution. Let the guessing game begin.

8) Burning Questions – “Who died and made you king?” “Eating every day’s a bit much don’t you think?” “Who else would I be?’ “Would it kill you to smile?”

9) How does it end – “We have a lot of work to do.”

NEXT WEEK: Lost Girl takes the week off. See you March 4.

‘Lost Girl’ Precap – The Sessions


Last week on Lost Girl, we bid adieu to our old friend Vex (for now), learned a little more about our new friend Tamsin, realized that the new found detente between the light and the dark may be harder to achieve than we thought, and that Hale may be even more of a bad ass Ash than his “temporary” title may indicate.

But mostly though, it was about people adjusting to the new normal. Vex remained – ahem – impotent in regards to his Mesmer powers, a fact he wasn’t handling well to the annoyance of the gang. Meanwhile, Bo has been battling one hired goon after the other as The Morrigan, leader of the Dark Fae, is working hard to get some compromising photography out of Bo’s hands. Hale has a solution, officially sign-up with the Light! But since Bo’s rather fond of her unaligned status he proposes instead a mission. While doing inventory of the Ash’s holdings, Hale noticed that an artifact called the Staff of Righteousness was missing. If Bo can secure it, he can post guards at her place under the auspices of “protecting the Staff.” A loophole to give Bo and Kenzi a break from The Morrigan’s thugs.

Kenzi ties to bond with Vex over their shared love of mascara, but despite being Da Vinci with a mascara brush (and there was a queen – meaning Da Vinci – BTW), and some fondness for Kenzi, Vex tries to make a peace offering to The Morrigan by picking Bo’s pocket for the iPhone and the coveted bondage pic of the Dark leader. (Besides, iPads, iPhones, electricity – it’s all a fad really. Analog’s the future.) And Kenzi’s make-up therapy can only go so far as to alleviate the pressure of “Blauren.”

What happens next is worthy of Shakespeare. The Morrigan spikes Vex’s drink with a bug that gets passed around from Bo to Dyson to Tamsin. The bug causes the infected to revert back to a tween (or Twi-Hard, if you will) state where they act mentally like middle schoolers, effectively neutralizing a Fae’s powers. Also, the bugs secrete a pheromone that attracts a dangerous type of Underfae who look suspiciously like Dalek pig slaves.

It all comes down to Lauren and Kenzi getting over their mutual animosity in order to cook up a cure, while Bo and the others relive their teenage dreams: temper-tantrums, loud music, and spin the bottle amongst the hits. Bo and Tamsin bond in a sisterly way revealing along the way that Tamsin is a Valkyrie, although what that is is for her hard to explain, although it is implicit that like Bo, Tamsin is a type of Fae who has trouble in the romantic department. “Sometimes when I love someone, they have to go away,” she tells her new BFF Bo. Bo and Tamsin then write down their deepest, darkest secrets in verse, and trade them for each other to read. We never find out what’s on those slips and we never will because both Bo and Tamsin ate theirs after reading.

But any bonding is broken up by Vex, who arrives with some pig slaves and is ready to take out the gang and win himself a spot back on Team Dark. Kenzi, by accidentally picking up the Staff of Righteousness, gains the requisite super-powers to hold off the pigs long enough for Lauren to cure Bo, and as Bo finishes off the Morrigan’s minions, Kenzi convinces Vex to be his own Fae and stop being the Morrigan’s bitch.

In the end, balance is restored. Bo, Dyson and Tamsin are back to normal, Trick helps Kenzi relieve herself of the Staff of Righteousness, and Vex decides to do the Kung Fu thing and walk the Earth looking for a way to get his groove back.  Kenzi’s worried she’ll never see him again, but he leaves her his brushes as collateral. Hale, meanwhile, lays down the law with The Morrigan, the Fae elders have invested a lot in their peace plan and any immature stunts could ruin it all, so she better watch it – or else.

And now that we know where we’ve been, let’s see where we’re going. Here’s the preview of tonight’s episode, “Fae-de To Black”:

1. Trouble in Paradise – It was kind of implied in last week’s episode that the current state of bliss between Bo and Lauren had a potential hiccup, and we explore that aspect in-depth in this week’s episode. Basically, it comes down to the age old question: can a human and a succubus have a monogamous relationship without long-term physical consequences for both? And what do they do about it when they discover the answer?

2. The Case of the Week – Someone’s driving people to suicide. Dyson and Tamsin come across a man who’s on top of a roof preparing to tight rope walk from one building to another. The other suicides occurred under equally ludicrous circumstances and Dyson thinks he smells the scent of another Fae at each of the scenes. All the victims have one thing in common, which leads to…

3. Undercover Shrink – Bo once again finds herself (slightly) out of her element by posing as a couple’s therapist at the clinic where all the victims were being treated before they died. Her first case involves a gay couple and their issue is frequency of sex, which is, naturally, nothing that succubus super-powers can’t cure (with hilarious results).

4. What About Kenzi? – Bo’s faithful sidekick finds herself on the sidelines this week, struggling with the rash (infection) that she suffered from her last visit to the Norn, Kenzi’s got some serious concerns and is looking to talk to someone, but with Bo not around, either working or with Lauren, and Hale super busy with his new Ash duties, Kenzi’s feeling a little bit left out. But should she be worried? Let’s just say that by episode’s end, Kenzi might have more to worry about than having no one to hang out with.

5. Animal Hospital – Watch out for Dr. Nemo and Dr. Bob. At least one of the pets at the Better Way clinic might be up to no good, and let’s just say there’ll be a reward for viewers who are more of a dog person in the end. And also, would you use a clinic where the office pets are listed on the directory? I mean, the Better Way’s supposed to be new agey-y, but come on…

6. Who’s That Guy? – The primary suspect in the case is Dr. Palmer played by Derek McGrath. McGrath’s had roles in several movies and TV series across his 40 years in show business, but perhaps he’s most famously known for a pair of Canadian hits: the Jerry O’Connell-starring super-power series My Secret Identity where he played Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoate, and the more recent Little Mosque on the Prairie where he played Rev. Duncan McGee. He’s also had recurring roles on Cheers, Dallas and Star Trek: Voyager.

7. Burning Questions – “Could you at least pretend to try?” “Do we seriously have no chocolate in this place?” “That’s it?!?! How do you survive?!” “You think I lack the intellectual whatchamacallit to be a doctor?”

8. I Miss Vex – That is all.

9. How Does it End? – “What are you, and why won’t you go away?”

Next week: Key parties and people goo. And has anyone noticed anything weird about Kenzi lately? (Side note: Last night’s usual airing of Lost Girl on Showcase in Canada was preempted because of the presumption that more people were interested in the Super Bowl than supernatural erotic drama. I’m not sure how that will impact the Sy-Fy schedule, but technically on Monday morning we’re two episodes ahead on Lost Girl as it is. We’ll keep you posted.)