Dan Harmon Talks ‘Community’ Season Six


It finally happened.

After five tumultuous seasons, Community was finally given the axe last Friday. After surviving disastrously low ratings, two major stars leaving, and its creator getting fired and then re-hired, the show was finally put to rest. It was a great run and fans were “outraged” (more on this in a second) that NBC would cancel the series, peppering Twitter with the now infamous #SixSeasonsAndaMovie hashtag and even threatening to boycott the network in some instances. The darkest timeline had finally arrived and it was an ugly day for avid fans and passive viewers of the show alike.

Like clockwork, talk regarding the show being picked by and continued on by another network was instantaneous. Could Netflix “save” the series, a la Arrested Development? What about Hulu or Netflix? Could it land on TBS, like Cougar Town did? Now recently rehired show-runner Dan Harmon is weighing in on the possibility of a sixth season and his words may shock the show’s rabid fan-base.


Will Netflix Save ‘The River’?

Talks with Fox about resurrecting Terra Nova are ongoing, but Netflix has sets its sights on also bringing the ABC supernatural amazon series, The River, aboard. The River’s debut season just ended last week and with lackluster ratings and a luke-warm reception, a Netflix “Governor call” seems to be the only thing that can save the Oren Peli created found footage show.

Netflix has already debuted Lillyhammer, and will premier David Fincher’s US adaptation of House of Cards at some point this year (despite some behind the scenes bickering) and the streaming service is also planning on exclusively running a new season of Arrested Development next year, assuming the Mayan’s were wrong.

I’ve gotta say, while all these genre restoration projects warm my geeky heart, and while they will surely thrill the fans of these shows, aren’t there better shows out there that could use a second breath? Blastr says that Netflix is in talks with ABC on an overall deal that includes The River, how about breaking off another season of Better Off Ted? That’s just one of many, many shows I’d love to see make a return, feel free to throw out a few suggestions in the comment section and on our bookface page.

How A Television Series Gets Cancelled

Arrested Development tv show photo

Arrested Development was one of those shows that was just too good to continue living on the air (much like Joss Whedon‘s epic sci-fi series, Firefly).

The creator of Arrested Development, Mitch Hurwitz penned an article in The Guardian today which explains, point by point, how to get a series canceled.

It’s a fun little read, and I’m glad that he has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Below the jump are just a sample of the goodness contained within the article. Be sure to read the whole piece in The Guardian when you have a chance.