To all you Hannibal fans out there (myself included) it seems like nothing but bad news lately, and not to add insult to injury, but I’m about to add insult to injury. To recap, NBC decided to cancel Hannibal about three episodes into its third season, but since Hannibal isn’t a wholly owned product of NBC, and the network merely licensed the internationally-made series to air in the U.S., there was a very good chance that Hannibal could be picked up elsewhere. In fact, show producer Bryan Fuller was absolutely certain of it. Well, those odds got slightly more narrow today as Fuller tweeted that neither Netflix nor Amazon, the two likeliest candidates for a Hannibal reprise, have passed on picking up the show. (more…)


It’s been a source of tremendous controversy, but yes fans, Marvel Comics is wrapping up its run of Fantastic Four in 2015. Whether it’s a truly creative decision, or whether it’s spite on the part of Marvel to punish Twentieth Century Fox for holding on to the rights of the first family of superheroes with a death grip, but at this point the end of the Fantastic Four is nigh. For now, anyway. Marvel has released today a first look at the issue that kicks off this final (for now) Fantastic Four story arc. Naturally, it’s chock full of guest stars, including the “All New Captain America,” so you know this is going to be good (and long-lasting). (more…)

According to The Wrap, there are reports out of Warner Bros. that they’re considering the cancellation of all screenings of The Dark Knight Rises following the tragic events in Aurora, CO late last night. A 24-year-old man named James Holmes is accused of being the man behind an attack on an audience at a midnight screening of the Christopher Nolan film, breaking into the theater, release tear gas and firing from an assault rifle into the crowd, killing 12 and wounding another 59. It is the largest mass shooting in United States history.

According to initial reporting, an unnamed executive told The Wrap’s website that, “Warner was watching the situation and still considering whether to take further measures beyond cancelling the Paris premiere, including cancelling screenings at theater chains.”

A little while later though, according to sources for E! Entertainment Television, another executive told that site that “he’d be shocked if that happened, but it’s such an unprecedented situation.”

Further reports seem to suggest that Warner Bros. will not be pulling the film, although any further publicity and publicity events have been halted, and all advertisements have been pulled from TV.

In the meantime, both President Barack Obama, and his presidential opponent Governor Mitt Romney have issued statements regarding today’s tragedy.

First the President (courtesy of Bleeding Cool):

Michelle and I are shocked and saddened by the horrific and tragic shooting in Colorado. Federal and local law enforcement are still responding, and my Administration will do everything that we can to support the people of Aurora in this extraordinarily difficult time. We are committed to bringing whoever was responsible to justice, ensuring the safety of our people, and caring for those who have been wounded. As we do when confronted by moments of darkness and challenge, we must now come together as one American family. All of us must have the people of Aurora in our thoughts and prayers as they confront the loss of family, friends, and neighbors, and we must stand together with them in the challenging hours and days to come.

And Governor Romney (courtesy of CBS News):

“Ann and I are deeply saddened by the news of the senseless violence that took the lives of 15 people in Colorado and injured dozens more. We are praying for the families and loved ones of the victims during this time of deep shock and immense grief.  We expect that the person responsible for this terrible crime will be quickly brought to justice.”

If you feel like making a statement about what happened in Colorado, or if you feel like you have to “do something,” might I suggest the following: get your friends together, head out the nearest theater, and have a great time watching top-notch cinematic entertainment. Matthew Jackson says it’s pretty good.



It seems unthinkable in a world currently inundated with The Avengers but the rumor is their cartoon counterpart, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes might be getting axed upon completion of its second season. Apparently the show hasn’t been pulling in the ratings they’d like to see. Currently, EMH airs Sunday mornings on Disney XD in a block of Marvel toons including the new Ultimate Spider-Man. Hmm? Wonder where they got that idea, ::cough:: DC Nation. ::cough::

Comic Book Movie jumped on the news and quickly sought anything they could to confirm it but other than a few quotes from Jeff Loeb, now in charge of Marvel‘s television division, there isn’t much, but everything seems to lean towards EMH ending and new Avengers toon to take its place. I’ll admit Loeb’s attitude doesn’t bode well for EMH but I don’t want to vilify him just yet. Here’s some comments he made to Collider when promoting Ultimate Spider-Man,

That’s certainly something that we’re talking about. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has a tremendous following. One of the things that’s very unique about that show is that it was at a time prior to my coming in. It is a very serialized show, and there are a lot of characters. What we wanted to do with Spider-Man, and going forward, was to tell stories that are individualized. Obviously, we want everybody to watch the show every week, but we also know that people’s time is often taken. So, DVR the show, but if you’re not going to do that, the idea is that you will be able to catch up. I don’t ever want anybody to sit down on Sunday mornings at 11 o’clock and suddenly feel like, “Well, I lost the last three episodes, so I don’t really know what’s going on.” The only thing that is a two-parter is the pilot, which will actually be shown in its entirety on Sunday, April 1st.

So, the show was already happening before Loeb became involved, meaning he has no real attachment to the series and he doesn’t like its serialized nature as well as its large cast. Yeah, this doesn’t sound like good news for fans of EMH.


First Syfy was all, “We love Eureka, we’re really invested in continuing our most successful, original, sci-fi series and franchise!” Hooray, more Eureka! Then they changed their minds, those bastards, and were like, “Boo! Fuck Eureka! We hate that show and the money it makes us and the fans who love it!” Eureka was cancelled.

But now, Syfy is throwing us all a chemically engineered, super-bone. Eureka will have one more episode beyond the 13 episodes already planned for season five. This episode will serve as closure for the series as well as all our favorite characters. They’re currently writing this episode now since the final episode of season five was written before the cancellation news and probably wouldn’t have given the series a proper ending.

So, hey, it’s something, right? Still completely, totally sucks huge balls Eureka is getting the axe, but at least we’ll all have closure. And we didn’t have to wait for a fans to rally and demand a movie, and I guess that’s kind of nice.

How do you think they’ll tie up all the loose ends in the world’s smarted town?

source: io9

Uncanny X-Men is Ending!

With all the news about the (however insane it may seem) DC comic universe re-boot, DC is certainly getting a lot of press about it.

But, the other big comic name, Marvel, refuses to be left out. And, is true shock-and-awe fashion, are cancelling the flagship comic book of the X-Men franchise, Uncanny X-Men.

Issue 544, which will ship is September of this year, will be the last. And, in honor of that, has a cover showcasing the original X-Men team: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman and Angel.

You are probably thinking, why would Marvel DO such a crazy thing? Uncanny X-Men was the introductory title of the X-Men, and has run almost continuously since 1963!!

Well, in addition to selling more books (most final issues do sell more than average), it would appear that this fits in among the event that will be tearing the X-Men apart at the time, known as Schism.

All that is known is that there is something that forces Wolverine and Cyclops to be at odds, and will likely change the X-Men as we know it today. So, Uncanny X-Men will most likely be replaced with another X-title. But, we won’t know what that is until we get closer to the end of Schism.

Be sure to stay tuned, as the times are changing in the X-Universe!