Shakespeare couldn’t write a tragedy so endless and harrowing as the story of director Terry Gilliam and his Don Quixote.

Yesterday, the Paris Court of Appeal ruled in favor of a previous producer, Paulo Branco, and gave him the legal rights of the film. Terry Gilliam was bewitched by chasing the film for 25 years. And just as its finally debuting, its taken from him all over again.

How did this 2.5 decades-long saga go on this long? And how did this film, still getting hit by new and terrible roadblocks, become known for being the most cursed production in recent history? (more…)


Way back in 1989, when Jack Nicholson was cast as The Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman, the idea of a seriously huge Hollywood star playing a comic book villain in some silly comic book movie seemed a bit out there. Of course, it had been done before. Marlon Brando played Jor-El in Superman the Movie, which also featured another established star, Gene Hackman, as Lex Luthor, but Nicholson was something else altogether: Hollywood royalty. Now it’s not so uncommon. You had Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and up next you’ll have Michael Douglas in Ant-Man. But is the comic book movie business perhaps due for a McConaissance? According to the actor, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. (more…)


The Elevator Pitch is the art of summing up your movie idea in a line or phrase that can instantly give the listener an impression about the theme or genre of a project. For example, “Die Hard on a bus.” That’s Speed in a nutshell. Or Wagon Train to the Stars, which is how Gene Roddenberry pitched Star Trek to NBC in the 1960s. So what kind of movie does the pitch “Godzilla Meets Lost In Translation” conjure? How about “Transformers versus Adaptation“? Well that’s how the new movie Colossal is being described, and now Anne Hathaway, who’s no stranger to high-concept projects, has been cast to star in the film. (more…)


I consider myself a rather astute cinematic study and even I cannot fathom just what in the Hot Buttered Christ (HBC®) is going in this first footage from Lost River, Ryan Gosling’s surreal-looking directorial debut. From the feel of this minute (which, really, probably tells us nothing in the grand scheme of things) all I know is that Gosling is definitely following in the footsteps of Nicolas Winding Refn (with whom he made Drive and Only God Forgives) and not making an easily digestible piece of consumerist nonsense (like his pal Joseph Gordon Levitt’s debut Don Jon). Goofiest of all? The Doctor himself — Matt Smith — flexing his muscles as some sort of weirdo bully.


Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino Royale

Skyfall was maybe the most successful of the Bond movies, and some of that had a lot to do with the accomplished Academy Award-winning director Sam Mendes being at the helm of the film. So it’s no wonder that the producers of the franchise might be looking at a director with similar vision, someone acclaimed by the critics.

If you just said Christopher Nolan, you’re close, but you maybe off. In an interview with Nicolas Winding Refn at Cannes, Alex Billington from First Showing got the Drive director to nearly admit that he was, at least, be courted to direct Bond 24. Billington asked straight up if Refn had considered doing Bond, to which the filmmaker responded, “Where did you hear that?” A little defensive, right? When pushed further, Refn then admitted, “I love Bond… I love him.”

But does he love Bond enough to direct him? And is he? Well why don’t you check out the video below and read between the lines:

But Refn doesn’t have this thing sewn up yet. In fact, there’s apparently a small list of notable filmmakers seemingly nominated for the directing chores on Bond 24 according to /Film, including Skyfall filmmaker Mendes. Ang Lee, Tom Hooper, David Yates, and Shane Black are also rumored to be up for the job. All are interesting choices, but each one comes with a lingering nag of doubt that might rule them out for the part.

For instance, while Lee and Hooper are both Oscar-winning directors, Hooper only has two films to his credit and Lee isn’t British. Since being British is usually a condition for getting to be a director of a Bond, Black, and Refn for that matter, may also be out of the running. Yates is an obvious choice having shepherded several Harry Potter films, so he knows how to handle a big, damn, fictional, English hero right. As for Mendes though, it’s rare for a Bond director to have an immediate reprise, but that’s not to say it’s impossible.

So long story short, this hasn’t been sorted out yet. Stay tuned because it will be big news when we learn who will helm the next adventure of Bond. James Bond.