…Hobby. Collecting antique pie plates. Now you know. Joking aside, it would make sense that Marvel Comics, free to create not just a whole new expanded universe, but have it officially recognized as part of Star Wars canon, would throw a curve ball into the story we think we know. In that spirit, the latest issue of Star Wars features a surprising twist for one of the main characters from the Original Trilogy. In a move that’s sure to be almost as controversial as Greedo shooting first – well, maybe – there’s a piece of information revealed at the end of Star Wars #6, which hits the stands today, that reveals Princess Leia is not the first woman to win the heart of the charming rogue captain of the Millennium Falcon. (more…)

Canon/Nikon Rap

For the photography nerds… a Canon boy raps about his forbidden love for a Nikon girl.  It’s just makes my little heart melt.  Sort of in a terrifying Raiders of the Lost Ark kind of way.