This past Labor Day Weekend, PAX West was in full force, sharing demos for new games to dazzle video game fans from around the country. With over 100 games on display, its a pixelated wonderland. Yet amidst all the fantastic games with so much work put into them, there were a few that curated the most buzz.

Here are 12 highlight games from PAX West.


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I can’t lie to you. I haven’t played a ‘Resident Evil’ game in years. I rocked out on the first two, and it got so bad that I found myself calling out sick from work just to keep playing and playing and playing those games. Maybe that’s why I left the damn things alone. That, and because I had recurring dreams of zombies trying to kill me. That’s not healthy. But what is healthy is making money. So, to that end, Capcom has decided to grace us with ‘Resident Evil: Revelations 2’ when I had no idea Revelations 1 even existed. Because I like sleeping well at night and having gainful employment. That means you guys get to have it all to yourselves. Hit the jump for the trailer. (more…)


Well folks, it appears Capcom have suffered a double whammy of school boy errors today, what – with the leak of their Street Fighter V trailer, and the major blow (or a baku hadoken in this case) that the game is going to be an exclusive to the PS4 and PCNeoGAF user Unlucky Kate reported that a YouTube clip – since been taken down by Capcom – revealed the new title and the exclusivity rights. However, it’s still unclear if the trailer appeared on Capcom‘s website or whether it was, in fact, a straight out leak. (more…)


In it’s early years, a little company with big dreams manufactured arcade games, which they called “capsule computers.” Then somebody decided to combine the two-fold term into their new name “Capcom.” It wouldn’t be long before we’d be introduced to the golf-swing uppercut that made Ken and Ryu famous. Back then we rocked the typed of technology that modern day kids point at and laugh. It’s a fine enough history to be proud of…unless you’re Capcom, who is out to change the past. Desperately trying to put the pixelated humiliations of the 1980’s behind them, the video game behemoth has announced that they are remastering the original 1996 ‘Resident Evil’ video game for 2015 audiences. Hey, when money’s burning a hole in your pocket and you’re not motivated to build something new from scratch, just jump in your time machine and fix something that ain’t broke. (more…)

I’ll be honest; when I first heard about this, I thought “God, that stupid movie is getting even MORE exposure. Why won’t they give the game that the damned series is based upon the spotlight for once?” Well, it seems I misspoke… er, missthought. Anywho, it turns out that the Resident Evil game series, which will always hold a very special in my heart, is being featured in one of the Halloween Horror Nights attractions at Universal Orlando Resort this October!

Now, the set up that they are creating will be centered on Raccoon City, which, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the early games in the series, is where the whole story began, but it hasn’t been featured in a main series game in almost 14 years. With the horrible reception that Resident Evil 6 received, it’s not surprising that they are going back to such an iconic setting from the series. It is surprising, however, that they are adding Resident Evil at all, considering the already zombie heavy and much-more-popular-at-the-moment Walking Dead will be featured in its own Walking Dead: No Safe Haven haunted house at the event.

The Resident Evil house, titled Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City, will feature a bunch of your favorite enemies from the original 3 titles, including zombies, Cerberus, those pain in the ass Lickers (see what I did there?), and series favorite, Nemesis. They are also focusing on representing the more minor details from the game, even having one scene appear as if you’d pulled up the pause menu.

Regarding the project and Capcom collaborating with Universal, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Producer of Resident Evil 6, had this to say,

It’s such a great delight to work with Universal on a haunted house based on the Resident Evil games. The games have become synonymous with survival horror and we look forward to delivering a new way for consumers to experience the Resident Evil world we have created in the haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights.

This sounds pretty awesome, but I’m not sure if it’d be worth me flying down to Orlando to check out. Anyone out there making a special trip to Raccoon City this fall to, once again, enter the world of survival horror? Goodluck…



Each and every week we scour the Internet for nothing but the best in nerdy art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every nook and cranny of the Interwebz. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly feed of nerd art.

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Above: A fratboy take on a classic scene from the Star Wars Trilogy by the skillful hand of Marco D’Alfonso. Currently part of the upcoming “I Love You Man” art show at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. [XombieDIRGE]

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Imagine a place where you can be yourself, free of judgement. Where you can talk, laugh and play with thousands of like minded individuals. A place where you can be in a state of child like wonder, previewing and sampling the latest offerings in gaming culture. A place where you can have a beer and get down with your nerd self listening to some Nerdcore. A place where you can meet – take photos with or possibly take home – some nerdy girlie, or geeky guy dressed up as an iconic character. Ultimately, a place where everyone is drumming to the tune of “lets play”. This my friends, is a little slice of nerdy heaven, and it is called PAX.

For the uninitiated, PAX is the great American gaming experience, held annually on the west and east coasts. It’s an event for gamers, by gamers. 70,000+ congregate to play to their hearts content (console, PC, or tabletop), peruse an E3 style exhibition floor (Publishers and Developers showcasing their latest wares), attend informative/entertaining panels, and rock out with their joysticks out at one of the many evening concerts. It’s truly an experience like none other.

So, anyway, PAXEast happened this past weekend in Boston, MA. This Nerd Bastard, along with my friend Phil, were in attendance, albeit briefly. A 3 day event, and our schedule only permitted us to attend a few hours on Saturday. Regardless, I took in enough to comment. I’d like to share my journey into gamer paradise with you, and discuss what juicy reveals are worthy of you’re attention.



Children of the 90’s rejoice! Soon to join your video game shelf is this new effort from Capcom, DuckTales Remastered, a brand new game featuring Scrooge McDuck, his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, Launchpad McQuack et al.

The game will be out later this summer, but a trailer for the game debuted today. And I hope you remember the words to the theme song, because you’re about to be asked to sing-along.

In case you didn’t see it before, here’s a look at the game play from Twitch’s demo at PAX East.

Watch live video from Capcom-Unity on TwitchTV

Looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to stay indoors all day and play it later this summer.

Source: The Mary Sue

Each and every week we scour the Internet for nothing but the best in nerdy art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every nook and cranny of the Interwebz. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly feed of nerd art. On with the dump!

Oh look, a Disney/Star Wars mash-up… This one by Xum Yukinori, features Darkwing Duck joining the dark side of the force, which appears to be more open to purple instead of the customary black. [Geek Tyrant]

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