Captain Britain

How the hell am I not on this list? Also: KHAAAAAAAAAAN!!!

If you’re a nerd, and you think of Captains, you immediately think of Kirk, or Picard, or maybe even the immortal Zapp Brannigan. But there’s a different class of captains for nerds to love, captains that have little to do with piloting a starship through the Kessel Run or the Neutral Zone, and it’s time to give them their due. Here are 10 of our favorite non-starship captains from throughout the world of geekdom.



Are you a parent who happens to be a nerd and is trying to teach your kids the alphabet while introducing to many things awesome about the nerd and geek culture? Well Neill Cameron has you cover as he has done something so epic that he needs to be paid for this. Really, the internet has brought us many awesome art stuff this year, but this, this really just beats them all. Neill Cameron drew letters from the alphabet and drew what ever sentence was born from that letter and us fans gets the honor to look at pure awesomeness that was produced from this. Really, take your time after the break to look and read each letter because it really is nothing but pure enjoyment. (more…)