captain jack sparrow

We’re just over a month away from the “final” Pirates of the Caribbean movie, or at least that’s what we’re told it’s going to be. Many fans are still speculative that this film is actually a set up for a future franchise, although Disney has not yet confirmed this. They may be keeping that possibility open, depending on how well this film does. This trailer is similar to the last one that was released and doesn’t give us much new information. Disney seems to be keeping a lot of the plot secretive. Why? Either it’s not good and they’re trying to hide it or it is good and they don’t want to ruin it. Remain speculative. (more…)


It’s not due in theaters for two more years, but we’re already being shown that life for Jack Sparrow Captain Jack Sparrow hasn’t changed much in the upcoming fifth edition of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Dead Men Tell No Tales. The previous film, On Stranger Tides, made serious bank at the box office, so Disney pushed on with a chapter five even though I doubt you can find anyone who can recount with any reliability the plot of Jack Sparrow’s last adventure. Of course, it’s not like it matters because money talks and Pirates 5 is currently in production, which brings us to the below photo of Johnny Depp back in Captain Jack form, and getting into trouble with fellow pirates (as always). (more…)

Captain Jack Sparrow may be returning to theaters sooner than you think. Despite it being a bit of a plot flip-flop, Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides has become the seventh highest grossing box office film in international history, and reports say that Johnny Depp is getting ready to sign a deal to star in Pirates of the Caribbean 5. After making $350 million dollars off of the four films in the franchise, even if he doesn’t sign the contract soon, it is an inevitable choice that he’ll want to keep making cash on what he says is one of his favorite roles to date.

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