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Holy-Hog-Tied-Horses Batman!

It looks like Robin has gotten himself into quite the pickle. Oh My, I hope there really aren’t any pickles involved in the story behind this picture. That would be awkward.

We’ve found that NerdBastards’ audience is an eclectic group of knowledgeable, nerdy, and unpredictable people from every walk of life. This is your chance to prove it by captioning the picture above, but you’d better bring your “A” game if you’re gonna stand tall among your fellow NerdBastards.

Picard’s Card Says What ?!?!

What’s Picard’s card say?

This photo was recently smuggled out of a convention photo shoot, but the message written on Patrick Stewart’s card was unfortunately blurred beyond recognition. Since we at NerdBastards have not seen any news about Patrick since this picture was taken, you can imagine our concern.

Help us out by submitting your thoughts on what the card says in the comments section below or on the corresponding FaceBook post. We’ll take the best and post it to NerdBastards’ Facebook page where you will bask in the glory of your fellow NerdBastards’ respect and adulation.