Are you planning a trip to DisneyWorld sometime between May 18 and June 16? Good. Save an extra C-Note because for the low, low price of $100 you can have yourself immortalized as an action figure in carbonite.

Where do you sign up? First, you have to make a reservation by calling 407-WDW-TECH (407-939-8324). Then you go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL on Star Wars Weekends, get your picture taken, have it scanned, and after a little sculpt work… Voila! It’s an 8-inch figure of you. In carbonite.

The result? Well, I guess kind of like this one of George Lucas. But, you know, smaller.

And here’s the flyer for Disney’s Star Wars Weekends. Note the awesome Donald Duck as Darth Maul drawing.

Source: /Film



Paul Pape is a diabolical genius. You can get a model of yourself frozen in carbonite in the classic Han Solo pose or a more unique two thumbs up!

Just send your picture to and I will sculpt the likeness, from the clothes, to the pose. Will you choose the classic pose, or something more whimsical? The choice is yours.

Costing only $50 and at a 4.25 inches high (Is twice the length of Nerdbastard contributor Blake Stevenson’s Penis!) is a minuscule version of what Empire brought us. Mr. Pape will craft only 200 pieces before the holidays so the line starts here fucko’s!  And in case you were wondering? I always shoot first! There is no confusion to any Rodians’ wanting there selves immortalized in Super Sculpey.

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