Yup, just another day hanging out in the TARDIS filming the second half of Doctor Who Series 7. Matt Smith and new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman have been spotted on set in Cardiff as they shot a lengthy scene for the new series. As a heads up, this post will likely contain potential SPOILERS. It’s all speculation and extrapolation of what’s been seen, but still, don’t want to hear anyone crying because they feel Doctor Who is now ruined for them.

Moving on, they’ve been filming both during the day and at night in Cardiff. Here’s a few pics from the set, courtesy of Gareth Bundy and Ryan Farrel. Check out more on Farrel’s Flickr.

In addition to the new set pics there’s been a couple videos capturing the scene as well, here’s a short clip,

And a longer video that captures the entire scene,

Here’s a transcript of the scene’s dialogue,

Doctor: I like your house!
Clara: It’s not mine — I just work there.
Doctor: Oh, yes! You look after the children, you’re a governess! Just like — Um. Just like…
Clara: Just like what?
Doctor: Just like I thought you would be … ! But this isn’t exactly a career choice, why here?
Clara: Well, my Mum died, I had no ties, no plans, so why not?
Doctor: People always have plans.
Clara: What’s your plan?
Doctor: It’s the internet. Wifi. There’s wifi everywhere around us. We are living in a wifi soup. But, imagine. If there was something in it. Something living in the wifi. Harvesting human minds, copying them, editing them. A million souls, trapped like flies in the World Wide Web, all crying out.
Clara: Isn’t that basically Twitter?
Doctor: Yes. Sentient Twitter! Hold on… (inaudible) … And you just made a joke about Twitter?!

[Something happens behind them]

Clara: Is it the wifi? Is the wifi switching the lights on?
Doctor: No, the people are switching on the lights. The wifi is switching on the people!
Doctor: You and me — in the box! Now!
Clara: What? Together? Why?
Doctor: You’ll understand once we’re inside.
Clara: I bet I will!
Doctor: [shocked] Clara! Please!
Clara: Why do you have a box anyway? What’s in there?
Doctor: Clara! … [whispers] Clara, look… behind you!

BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. [Director shouts this, as The Doctor and Clara look to different areas. A shadowed man is standing in the distance.]

Clara: What are they?
Doctor: A walking base station. You saw it earlier.
Clara: I saw a little girl.
Doctor: Of course! Active camouflage! They drew an image from your subconscious and bounced it right back at you! … In the box, now!

What do you think of this scene? The guess is it comes from the first episode of the second half of Series 7, so the first episode after the Christmas special. But what I noticed is it sounds like Clara hasn’t yet been inside the TARDIS. Hmm, we know she’s in the Christmas special and that episode is set in the Victorian era, so how does Oswin– err, I mean Clara get from the past to the present without the TARDIS? Her character is quite the puzzle, isn’t she?

Also heard on set is this bit of dialogue from when The Doctor first appears at her home,

The Doctor: “Clara! Clara! Ha! It’s me. Demonked! I’m wearing sensible clothes! Can I come in?”
Clara: “Where am I? Please tell me. I don’t know where I am. Where am I? Please tell me. I don’t know where I am… [she keeps repeating]“

And the plot thickens. What are your thoughts of The Doctor’s newest companion? Do you think we’ll find out Clara and Oswin are in some way related, or is Steven Moffat just messing with us by including her in that earlier episode? And how does Clara appear in two different times without knowing how she came to the present?

Guess we’ll be waiting to find out when Doctor Who returns in the Christmas special and then continues early next year.

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Happening right now is the very first Official Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff, Wales, which as you should know is where much of the filming for BBC‘s insanely popular sci-fi series takes place. Those attending are surely having one hell of an awesome weekend and all of us not in Wales are terribly jealous. Especially when we learned they’d been given an early sneak peak at a trailer for the first episode of season seven returning in the fall.

Thanks to this brave soul who uploaded a bootleg of the video, we can share in some of the excitement, too. No clue how long the video will remain available, so quick, watch it!

This trailer matches exactly with what we saw them filming in Spain and it is indeed a Western adventure. Did you pick up on any Dalek references in the dialogue? I think I did and while it is pretty hard to hear exactly what’s being said it might be a clue those rumors about visiting the ruins of Skaro are true.

What d’ya think? I’m kind of surprised they’ve got a trailer already, but I’m not complaining. Apparently an official version will be released on Monday, stay tuned!

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It’s official, BBC Worldwide is launching a Doctor Who convention of their very own. Named the Doctor Who Official Convention (Clever name, lads.) it is being held at Millennium Centre in Cardiff in March 24th -25th of 2012. The con will only be a one day event though, with the activities of Saturday repeating on Sunday. And admission will also be £100. Ouch.

As of right now the only scheduled guests are Stephen Moffat and Matt Smith. Definitely plan on whoever the companions of the current season to be there, with possibly a few past TARDIS residents as well. Holding the convention where they film the show is a neat perk and they’ll being taking full advantage of this fact. Your ticket includes,

    • Interactive Q&A panel discussions with the cast and crew
    • Prosthetics & special effects demonstrations
    • Official props and costume displays
    • Official merchandise & collectables

Autograph or photos with any of the main cast members will cost extra.

For more info check out their website. For ticketing info go here. And I say expect mass hysteria when it comes to the sale of those tickets. We’re talking San Diego Comic Con-type sell out because there are only 1500 tickets available.

Are you down? Will you be traveling across the pond for the first ever, official Doctor Who con?

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In other Whovian news, Eve Myles doesn’t think the Torchwood crew would be a good addition to the Anniversary special of Doctor Who. Assuming, of course, there will be a 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special. Myles is against a crossover between the two series because of Torchwood‘s adult themes.

We have lots of adult themes running in Torchwood and I think it would be inappropriate for us to have anything to do with Doctor Who because it’s predominantly a family programme.

I think that where Torchwood is, it deals with darker subjects and I think inter-mixing them, if they want to do that, then fine., but I can tell you that I’m not involved in it – they won’t give me guns or a bazooka.

I think her concern is a little silly. Jack’s made the crossover between the two series plenty of times. We even saw Myles in Doctor Who during “The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End.” Where she was, in fact, seen carrying a big fucking gun.

So, what do you think will really happen for Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary? With the date already garnering so much buzz the Beeb must have something planned, right? I don’t find it a coincidence their first official convention is next year, either.

Source: The Mary Sue