What I know about Magic: The Gathering could fit snugly inside the hairs on a fly’s back. I know even less about having lots of money. But there’s a lucky geek somewhere who now knows about both. The proof is in a YouTube upload called “Alpha Starter MTG Magic the Gathering Opened for 5000 subs Giveaway.” Sidenote: You’re a badass if you can eat 5000 subs. From the video, I can make out rubber gloves, some gaming cards and a scalpel. This guy’s either a doctor who’s doing it wrong or a nerd who takes his collecting very seriously. It’s a great video of a guy who records his deck opening and goes ballistic when he finds the absolute rarest of cards. Doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan, the beauty is that it could’ve been any one of us scoring on that dweeby thing we like. (more…)

Internet freak-outs are always fun to watch, but there are some where, even through all the laughing, you just have to say “What the fuck?” This is one of those times.

Everyone, at one-time, has had their parental unit(s) refuse to buy them that MUST HAVE thing. You would kick, scream and even bargain till your face turns blue. This kid however, turns it into an art form.

 It looks like this little trainer didn’t have enough badges to control the high level Mother Pokemon, so guess it’s back to the poke centre for this kid. It’s all good though, the cameraman has 2 god cards in his deck.

I feel the same way when people don’t buy me porn for my birthday, I feel his pain.

Via: Topless Robot