As nerds, bastard-like or otherwise, cartoons are at the core of what started the love of all things nerdy for the vast majority of the community. Nerds are exposed to them as children and from then on the seed grows. Cartoons can shape and inform what we choose to indulge in as adults. Nerds rally against any change or reboot or reimagining of our beloved childhoods, some even going so far as to say that these changes ruin what came before. As the years roll by we tend to look back on the cartoons so endeared to us with rose-tinted glasses. But do they hold up? Were our cartoons as good as we remember them being or are they better left in the rear-view mirror we call nostalgia?

As we are in an age of cord-cutting, and streaming services, there seems to be an endless supply of getting the goods you want in an Internet age. Of course, we have the heavies like Netflix ($9/month), Amazon ($99/year), Hulu Plus ($8/month), Playstation Vue ($50/month), Sling ($20/month), HBO Now ($15/month), CBS All Access ($6/month), and many others. There’s pretty much a paid (and free) subscription streaming service for anything you are interested in. Now cartoon fans, you also will have your own service to watch Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, and many others as well.


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First hitting tv screens in 1984, Rainbow Brite follows a little girl named Wisp who is transported to a colorless land. In her quest to bring color back to the land, she befriends a sprite named Twink and a white horse named Starlite, finds the color belt and rescues the seven Color Kids. Developed by the Hallmark Company, Rainbow Brite was successful in the mid-80s, running for multiple seasons and even having an animated movie. Since then, though, not much has been done with the property, beyond toys for various “reboots” in the 90s and 00s, but that looks like it’s changing in a big way.  (more…)


Next time on The BastardCast, Jason and Jeremy talk about feelings, but this time… break out the pitchforks because we’re talking about Joss Whedon‘s possibly fading magic touch. Also, we have feels about the Breaking Bad finale, the possibility of Daniel Day Lewis joining the Dark Side, and the popcorn and pleasure cottage industry that is rising in Italy. (more…)

“Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? We got some money to make now…”

Scooby Doo, the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, spawned two horrible live-action movies. Well, they weren’t THAT bad. They did feature Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne (score) and Linda Cardellini as Velma (double score). Seeing my cartoon crushes come to life made my affections a little less disturbing. But, I digress…

That ghoul hunting mutt with the munchies (Scooby Doo) and his company of typical teenage archetypes, is – despite any recent films or series – a life long property. What with adults who first grew up on the show, today’s spastic kids with attention deficits, and to our future generations (whom, I’m sure by then will have the awareness of a potato). I mean honestly, how can anyone not love a group of different classed youths getting high all the time (they all thought Scooby could talk, of course they were all high) coming together to solve some mysteries? Scoobs is such a bankable property, and Warner Bros knows it, which is why the studio will be capitalizing on another film (again).

Like the first two movies the film will be a live-action and CGI hybrid, and the studio has hired Matt Lieberman (Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief) to write the script. The producers of the original movie, Charles Roven and Richard Suckle, are back again as well. No idea what the story will be this time around, I’m sure it will see the Mystery Inc. team cracking the case of some ghostly crimes.

I, myself, have already waived this new movie off. Talent involved signals a passionless turn-and-burn cash grab. So the hell with this, I say. I do wonder, though, with Scooby being such easy money if one of them porno companies will ever make an adult parody? It would have everything we like about Mystery Inc, but with far more sex and better story than anything the creatives of this knew film could put out. Amerite?

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First of all, concerned parents can relax.

Despite some knee-jerk alarmist reactions to the concept of a kids’ cartoon about a 12 year old boy who puts on a magic ring, shouts “You Go Girl!” (no, really), and transforms into a female superhero, there’s really nothing all that controversial here.

Kids are pretty savvy in 2013: Even those that don’t understand the concept of transsexuality will just think the idea of a dude turning into a chick to fight crime is funny….and that seems to be all She-Zow is going for here.

This is less a groundbreaking moment for LGBT acceptance, and more a desperate ploy for ratings and publicity for The Hub, which despite a certain amount of popularity thanks largely to My Little Pony: FIM and Transformers, is being crushed by competitors like Nickelodeon and Disney.

As far as warping children’s fragile little minds goes: She-Zow has been airing in Canada for a year, and civilization has yet to collapse there.

I think we’ll be fine.

Oh, here’s the trailer:

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There was a time when what could arguably be dismissed as “kids’ stuff” (comics, cartoons, toys, video games) had little or no chance at being adapted into successful, never mind respectable movies. Hell, to make Superman – the most famous and universally recognized comic book character on Earth – into a film people took seriously, they had to put Marlon Brando in the cast and get the author of The Godfather to write the script.

Things have changed: Nowadays studios drool over the chance at getting their mitts on nerdy properties. The children who grew up with cartoons, action figures, and comic books are now the adults buying movie tickets and DVDs/Blu-Rays. Marvel is close to becoming better known as a film studio than a comics publisher, video game flicks are no longer a running joke in the movie business, and cartoons designed to sell children overpriced hunks of plastic are now fodder for summer blockbusters.

Now, however much we as nerds want to see Michael Bay die in a fire for what he did to our sacred Transformers (or what he’s currently doing to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), it’s impossible to argue that the man made serious bank for Paramount. Sure, Bay might bathe in the tears of geeks, but the financial success he’s had is opening doors for live action adaptations of many of the programs we grew up with (some of which probably won’t completely suck).  GI Joe: Rise Of Cobra may have been underwhelming, but its long-awaited sequel is proving to be a smash hit with audiences, critics, and nerds alike. A Robotech adaptation is reportedly in the works, and there’s been a great deal of talk about a Masters Of The Universe live action film that might actually take the subject matter seriously.

But what about the shows from our childhoods that are not quite as well-remembered? Shows that were largely forgotten by all but hardcore ’80s nerds? Could any of them possibly be resurrected as serious, profitable, well-received live action films? Well, here are ten we think might have a shot:



I hope you don’t have any important projects you’re working on or deadlines looming near, because your ability to be productive is doomed. Cartoon Network and Netflix have partnered to bring you hours of their best programming to Netflix’s Instant Streaming. There’s the classic Cartoon Cartoons – Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo – to their newer ‘toons – Adventure Times, Regular Shows, Chowder, Fosters’s Home for Imaginary Friends – and even the late night [adult swim] shows  – Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Boondocks, Venture Bros. And that’s only a sampling of what’s now available to stream instantly!

The only drawback is it appears only the first season of all of these shows have been added, but with so many different shows – there’s even a few of WB’s superhero cartoons like Justice League and Batman Beyond, sadly no Batman: The Animated Series – there’ll be plenty for you to binge on. So, what’re you doing for the rest of the day?

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Kevin Smith‘s Publicity-Pimping, Stage-Show, Road-Trip Tour is coming to a town near you, well maybe in the next state, no, not that one the other one. The show features their new animated movie, Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.

The movie’s budget is unsurprisingly $69,000. Get it, 69, that’s some kind of exotic sex move that makes pre-teen boys giggle, and others like myself, that never really grew out of those fits of giggles and guffaws that follow someone farting, falling, or making an unexpected and unintended innuendo.


The animated movie was produced by Jason Mewes and animated by Steve Stark. Tickets to the live event will set you back at least $45 bucks with VIP tickets and bundle of goodies (T-Shirt, Signed Poster, Photo-Op, VIP Laminate and Lanyard) sucking $250 dollars right out of your back pocket, but you’ll get to see Smith strut across the stage with his arms raised shouting, “Are you not entertained?!?!” all Gladiator style. Smith can tell a good story.

Check out the trailer below, turn the sound down if you’re gonna ignore the NSFW warning in the title, the “F” bomb rains down like flak on D-Day at Omaha beach.

What do you think? Are you going to get out and check out the Tour? I’m not sure yet, but since I managed to get through this whole post without using the word “Snoogins” once I might just treat myself to some Jay & Silent Bob time.

Crap, I just used it didn’t I?

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FOX will soon launch Animation Domination High Def (or ADHD… oh I see what they did there,) a Saturday cartoon block to combat [adult swim] and its strangle hold on viewers (allegedly) to old to be watching cartoons. Spear heading this charge will be Axe Cop, based on the popular comic written by five year old Malachai Nicolle and illustrated by his 30 year old, brother Ethan Nicolle.

Here’s a first look, a Halloween themed Ask Axe Cop staring the voice of… is that? IT IS! It’s Nick Offerman from TV’s Parks And Recreation!

Oh hello new favorite thing ever…

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