Case Closed


Yeah…so this happened. While I may like Yahh Trick (yeah, the censored version), I really don’t care for Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em since his music doesn’t do much for me. Well, Soulja recently release this track, titled Anime, and like the title of this post says…I died a little inside. Seriously, I felt like my life force was slowly draining away from me while listening to the 3 minutes of this… thing (I can’t even call it song).

Folks, if you do listen to this, you’ll notice that all the anime he says has aired on Toonami/Adult Swim. Y’all know, shows like Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Death Note, and even Case Closed. He also goes on saying how his like Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, and shooting fire balls like Trunks (Nerd Rage: They are KI BLASTS!! NOT Fire balls!). Also, something about Pikachu and diamonds.

So what do y’all think? You think this is a next hit waiting to happen or is this just utter shit (sorry about the language but that’s how I feel about this). Tell us by commenting after the jump.

Source: Topless Robot

51r3aWwbMEL._SL500_AA300_Hello folks, it’s a Tuesday and that means we got DVDs coming out today like always, I wonder if it will ever just be called Blu-Ray Tuesday in the near future. Anyways, NerdBastards will once again provide you the info on rather to Buy, Rent, or Pass on the following DVDs and also, the Anime DVD of the week. Now join us and check after the jump as there is one DVD that just made me go utter shock as to why it was released. (more…)