Castle Greyskull

No one knew how to explain the cosmic world of heavenly bodies better than Carl Sagan. His soothing narration gently eased your tiny pea-sized brain to expand with knowledge of billions upon billions of stars and planets. And today he’s back (thanks to talented animator, Dan Meth) to teach you all about the many wonders of such planets as Thundara, home of the Thundercats and Cybertron where the sentient life breeds mechanically.

Sit back, roll a joint and enjoy the dulcet tones of Mr Sagan as you journey through the cosmos, man.

source: College Humor


Attacked by the forces of Skeletor, Hordak and the Snake Men, Castle Greyskull is the rumored home of all the secrets to conquer Eternia and become the titular Masters of the Universe. The Fortress of Solitude to Prince Adam’s muscle toned alter ego He-man, a man who went toe to toe with a pre-crisis Superman. With all those secrets inside and a few guardians to protect it¬†should be easy to get into something that looks like a giant skull. While the cartoons showed an impenetrable fortress, unable to be conquered, it’s real life equivalent is a different story. If Skeletor waited till spring on this whole taking over Eternia thing he would have won way sooner.

Balls bluer than Orko’s face (more…)


So it’s pretty much agreed the 80’s had killer toys, far better than the crap today. OK… the detail of today is far superior but, damn, 80’s toys were much more awesome because, well, reasons. This trip down nostalgia lane reflects not of the¬†action figures themselves but rather their play-sets. Specifically the most rockin’, most wanted, and most expense play-sets of the time. Some had one, some had all, and to some had none

So on with it then. Here are the 10 Most Desired Action Figure Play-sets of The 80’s