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Yesterday we shared the exciting news that Valve would be releasing new Portal 2 DLC allowing players to easily create their own test chambers. Today, Cave Johnson, president of Aperture Science, released a video explaining all about the new Perpetual Testing Initiative.

What a sad little octopus. At least that octopus won’t have to suffer through what I’m sure will be the agonizing test chambers soon to be created. The DLC will be available via Steam for PC and Mac on May 8th.

All right, start planning now. It’s all for science…you monsters.

Source: Kotaku

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This is cosplay done wonderfully right. At Comikaze Expo this weekend a scene from Jurassic Park was reenacted on the con floor, the raptor chase with Muldoon in the jeep. Complete with Samuel L. Jackson’s severed arm.

As if it couldn’t get better, the tables were turned when the raptor got hold of the jeep. Clever girl.

(The Mary Sue)


Ever want to see behind the scenes of Aperture Science…without all the testing and pain of listening to Wheatley talk ? Well, put on your smart pants, because today’s your lucky day.

Thanks to a group of young nerds and their camera, this 20-minute faux documentary shows the “science” behind Aperture Science… before everyone got gassed by that insane robot GlaDOS in Portal. It’s pretty impressive stuff, if you can get past their rendition of Cave Johnson, who must have had one too many trips on the pneumatic diversity vent.

You just can’t beat the smooth tone and talent of J.K. Simmons, but it’s damn close. Suck on those lemons Black Mesa, no really, we dare you to.

Via: Topless Robot

Aperture Science created the space altering Portal gun, but everyone has a bigger hard-on for those adorable companion cubes from Portal 1 and 2. That cube with the little heart has been made into earrings, plush toys and even cosplay costumes. Here’s a funny video featuring that little cube of wonder.