Amber Heard- Mera

Recently model/actress Amber Heard has been in the tabloids related to her restraining order and impending divorce with actor Johnny Depp based on allegations of spousal abuse. Photos have already appeared online of her documenting of all the issues. As she and Depp as proceeding with the divorce, she still is an actress who has to make a living. Having been cast in the DC Comics film Justice League, Heard will be playing Mera. Comic fans know the character as Aquaman’s wife, and she will be first introduced in Justice League before appearing in the solo Aquaman film. Recently Heard has to put off a deposition related to her upcoming divorce because she had to fly to London for a fitting for the Justice League film.



Everyone knows JK Simmons for his multitude of roles. For some, he’s the pitchman for the Farmer’s Insurance ads. For other’s he’s famous for his roles in Law & Order, New York Undercover, and makes us wet our beds for his roles in HBO’s Oz and his Oscar-winning role in Whiplash. Within the Geek community, he flawlessly played J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Rami’s Spider-Man trilogy. Recently JK Simmons was cast to play Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League movie, and will probably reprise that role for the Ben Affleck solo Batman film. Now that filming for the Justice League movie has started, fans are starting to get a look at Simmons for this role.



As you probably know, Star Wars: The Force Awakens made its Hollywood premiere last night, and the first reactions are coming in from everyone who was at the star studded event. While fans will be forming their own opinions as they go to see the movie themselves in the coming days, it appears that at least for now, everyone can breathe a small sigh of relief, as initial reviews from critics are overwhelmingly positive! (more…)

The Ants Don’t Care


Shia LaBeouf seems like a man who is running through the woods while on fire; his whole world building to an inferno as tears of flame trail behind him, igniting the brush. Maybe LaBeouf can’t see or sniff out the destruction with that bag on his head, but when he finally removes it after he’s done finding out what being on fire feels like, everything that he has made and been given may resemble a pile of ash because nothing is as flammable as fame.

This assumes, of course, that LaBeouf will remove that bag. That he will bounce back and not foul out of life as so many have before, but to assume that, we have to take a leap of faith that this all started out as a controlled burn and that LaBeouf didn’t spontaneously combust a few months ago when he released 50 unstoppable megatons of whatever-the-hell-this-is into the ether.

Personally, I don’t think that LaBeouf is crazy. I buy that this is some kind of bonkers artistic statement — from the anima of HowardCantour.com that he nicked from Daniel Clowes to the sky apology and this exhibition where he sat like the world’s most over-exposed Buckingham Palace Guard while people visually and verbally prodded at him as he unknowingly or un-caringly sat shiva over his career — but  I really don’t think it matters because weird is weird, this is unquestionably that and it has been judged as such by the masses. (more…)


Stop putting it out there, stop reading it, stop writing it, and stop eating it up with a shovel.

There’s an episode of South Park (naturally) that strikes the nail with great ferocity and accuracy and charm. Britney Spears has shot her face off, but yet she is still thrown out to the lions and the hordes. They rip her to shreds, but the triumph is brief. The cult must have more self-proclaimed virgin blood, and so they move on to Miley Cyrus.

This was five years ago and it has proven prophecy as Cyrus’ every move is now monitored, her every action debated and labeled as bold or bizarre. She’s a slut, she’s a feminist, she’s crazy, she’s smart. We can’t make up our minds, but she is, undoubtedly, #1 in our hearts and #1 in our cross-hairs. (more…)

Six Celebrity Nerd Game Show Episodes


For how much would you sell your soul? $10,000? A new car? A lifetime supply of Turtle Wax? Plenty of celebrities have wheeled and dealed on game shows, but do you remember these nerds doing so? Check out six episodes of game shows that feature some of our most iconic nerd folks. (more…)

Amazing Celeb Anagrams

I remember when I was a young Bastard Nerd watching the Simpson’s when Lisa goes batshit crazy over another girl in her class being better than her at everything! And her and her father play the anagram game, where they take the names of celebrities and change them around and Lisa can’t keep up…Back when the Simpsons were good…Before the dark times…Before the Empire…How did my father die?…A young Jedi named Darth Vader-

Sorry!!!! I have digressed because I have adult ADHD…Here is a list of Celebs with hilarious and often clever anagrams of their names. Did you know that Kim Kardashian is A Kind Shark?…….We All Did!!!! Hit the jump for more! (more…)