Is Kermit the Frog Going to Jail?

Kermit is now a wanted frog in Germany. According to Bleeding Cool (who will hopefully never clot) the commission for regulating German television (which is also called ZAK) has found Kermit guilty of illegally plugging the release of The Muppets during an appearance on the German commercial network Pro7 during their Disney Day Event. I know, I thought it would be for not wearing pants in public too.

No word on how one hunts down or imprisons a felt puppet, but according to non-existent German officials “ve have vays”. Don’t cry for Kermit though, he’s at an advantage — many offenders break the law and go to prison to then become puppets (of the fuck variety) whereas Kermit will already be pre-puppeted, and really, if Kermit isn’t locked up how will the rest of the Muppets bust him out for the opening act of the upcoming Muppets sequel?

Source: THR