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Above: Here’s Katy Mor and Jettie Monday as a charming pair of gender-swapped Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Can they be canon? Photographed by Bill Nash. (CBM)


Top 10 Star Wars Fan Films

Long before Robot Chicken Star Wars specials or Family Guy re-imaginings there have been Star Wars fan films. Dozens are available on and Atom Films with more being created everyday. But what makes a great fan film? Should it be comedic? A spoof? Should it be an epic, complete with authentic costumes and effects? Of course, phenomenal fan films come in all shapes and sizes, funny, serious, or seriously funny. The classics we’ve listed here are ten of the best Star Wars fan films. Agree with our selections? If not you better have some damn good suggestions, we nerdy bastards only like the best.


Trooper Clerks

Kevin Smith’s classic, Clerks is given a Death Star make-over with this animated short, Trooper Clerks. Foul-mouthed and hilarious, you’ll love Darth Jay and Silent Palpatine (or Darth Bob), the in-jokes like Aunt Beru’s Blue Milk and a missing persons ad for Greedo. It even has little dirty nods you’ll have to be quick to catch, like the Dianoga claiming to have popped Leia’s cherry in the garbage chute, eww. There’s also a sequel and live-action short, which received praise from Smith himself. Maybe a full length Trooper Clerks feature would be enough to keep Smith in the movie business?

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