Charles Roven


You might think that being the guy that helped guide Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy to two-and-a-half billion dollars at the global box office might buy you a little slack, but that seems to not be the case for Charles Roven. Roven, who was the producer of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, is reportedly the latest casualty in the studio shake-up at Warner Bros. after the less than uproarious reaction to the official launch of the DC Comics Extended Universe. He will be taking a step back to take on a more overseer role for the DCEU films.  (more…)


Despite the widespread critical condemnation of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s still made over $700 million at the worldwide box office and counting, which is actually more than Man of Steel, a movie that is more liked (at least in hindsight) by most fans. Despite that, and despite the fact that Superman is arguably DC Comics‘ biggest character, there are no more standalone Superman movies planned in the present DC Extended Universe slate. So what would it take for Warner Bros. to change that? Or, will the studio make room in the slate sometime after 2019 for another Man of Steel adventure? Some main figures from the franchise have chimed in. (more…)

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Considering the content of Warner Bros.’ upcoming Suicide Squad movie and the fact that nearly the entire cast is composed of bad guys with serious mental issues and a penchant for murder, one might think that an R rating would be a given. But that appears to not be the case. The powers-that-be are cutting back enough so that Suicide Squad will make PG-13 and be more accessible to a wider audience. In fact, according to producer Charles Roven, the execs at WB plan on keeping their entire DC Universe within the boundaries of the PG-13. Scroll on to hear what he has to say about ratings as well as how director David Ayer’s passion was instrumental in getting the ball rolling on this project in the first place. (more…)


When her appearance was first announced most fans were worried more about who would be cast to play the Amazon princess. Now that most have decided to give Gal Godat a shot, their attention should naturally turn toward how her origin story would turn out on the big screen. With an already bursting at the seams amount of additional characters being shoved into the Zack Snyder‘s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, would there be room to tell any origins at all? (more…)