Charles Schulz


If you get violently angry when you see Christmas commercials and decorations before Thanksgiving, then you might want to just skip this new Christmas themed trailer for The Peanuts Movie that won’t be out until next year. If you can handle a little Christmas before Thanksgiving, then you should check this new trailer out. It looks like Blue Sky Studios has captured the spirit of Charles Schulz‘s much beloved Peanuts. (more…)


Many of us grew up on the classic Charles Schulz Peanuts movies.  Yeah, they were old and goofy but they had a classic appeal that was much more entertaining than your typical made-for-kids fare.  Now, it looks like Fox is going back for more, attempting to milk the Peanuts cow a bit more.  And, oddly enough, they’ve picked up Paul Feig to help produce the new flick. (more…)