charlie brown


November’s almost upon us, which means it’s once again time for us to once again sit and watch the Charlie Brown specials for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. These specials are a somewhat of a cultural event giving us a blast from the past and fill us with nostalgia. Another cultural event that recently gave us a mega dose of nostalgia was the critically acclaimed Netflix series, Stranger Things.



It doesn’t seem so long ago that kids would run to the weekend newspaper in order to pull the full-color comic section, does it? Granted, now reading the Funnies is about as old-fashioned as finding out what’s on TV right now by getting out the printed TV Guide, but at the intersection between generations lies the world inhabited by The Peanuts Movie. Kids may be coming to Charlie Brown and Company for the first time, or they may know him solely through annual Halloween and Christmas specials. Their parents, meanwhile, will recall reading those old strips, and collecting the paraphernalia on lunch boxes and the like. No matter your age though, The Peanuts Movie will definitely appeal. It’s a true all-ages delight without sarcasm or cynicism. (more…)

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ABOVE: There will always be a Stark in winterfell – they just never figured it would be one wearing half a billion dollars around his body. James Zapata is a god with a computer, just look at the Stark crest imprinted into Tony Stark’s armor and the overall badassery you feel out of this. [James Zapata]

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