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‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Tied Up Until 2018


As one of the shows that is really putting Netflix on the map in terms of being a creator of amazing original content, Daredevil has treated the world to a stellar two seasons so far. The first season was a true masterpiece of television, with every tiny detail carefully considered to the extent that there was hardly a fault to be found in the casting, the dialogue, the soundtrack… well, all of it. The second season proved a worthy follow up, with so many pieces falling perfectly into place. It opened the door for other darker Marvel shows, like Jessica Jones, to get screen time and even has a spin-off on the way in the form of Punisher. (more…)


“Quack! Quack! Quack!” Not traditionally how the start of a panel at Fan Expo Canada goes, but when you’re Elden Henson it’s to be expected. He’s put a lot of miles and a lot roles on his career in the almost 25 years since The Mighty Ducks, but he hasn’t been able to escape his legacy as the Duck’s enforcer Fulton Reed. “To this day I get Mighty Ducks, even doing the signings here most people want the Mighty Ducks picture signed,” Henson opined. But this was a day for Daredevil, and Henson was joined by co-star Charlie Cox, and Marvel Entertainment creative head Joe Quesada to talk about the popular Netflix series. (more…)

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The subscription service that is revolutionising the way the west watches television, Netflix became a household name practically overnight. Having all your favourite shows and a boatload of movies available to view on demand makes life so much easier for anyone with a job or a hobby or a life, who can’t always be there when shows are broadcast live. It saves having to remember to record stuff and costs a hell of a lot less than buying or renting everything you want to watch individually. Already instrumental in forging the future of home viewing, Netflix moved into creating its own original content in 2013.

There are tons of things you can watch to get to grips with the kind of content Netflix is capable of creating, and it’s well worth doing. Though it’s as guilty of the occasional dud as any other network, there is enough great quality original stuff on there to keep you occupied for months on end.

If you’re new to Netflix and want somewhere to start, you could do a lot worse than checking out these cool shows. (more…)


Charlie Cox has been fantastic in Marvel and Netflix‘s Daredevil series, both as the beat-down dishing hero in red Daredevil and his day time blind lawyer Matt Murdock. If you watch carefully, you can see that while we all know that Daredevil knows exactly where everyone in the room is due to his heightened senses, Matt Murdock doesn’t make eye contact with those he is talking to because, hey… he’s blind and isn’t supposed to know exactly where their eyes are, just the general area. It’s all part of protecting his secret identity. Problem is, sometimes that ingrained habit can backfire when Charlie Cox the actor goes out for other roles. (more…)


If you’ve been on social media over the weekend, you’ll have seen all the typical social BS: people posting 1001 photos of their kids, that over zealous family member sharing another “Thank Jebus” meme, Bernie Sanders supporters, Trump haters, Buzzfeed recipe sharers, selifies, gym rats, and so on. In between all that, you may of seen a steady stream of posts from those nerdy people in your life saying “Wow, #Daredevil  is awesome”. There’s a reason for that, second season of the hit Marvel show Daredevil premiered on Netflix on Fri 3/18. Binge watchers have feasted on episodes, with some already finishing the entire 13 episode series, having  been blown away at just how good a super hero series can be.

If you’ve yet to be introduced to this Marvel/Netflix show about a blind lawyer by day and punchy vigilante at night, then let the following clip be a selling point. (more…)


There’s only a couple of days until Netflix‘s Daredevil Season 2 hits on Friday and Jon Bernthal, aka the Punisher, has just posted a behind the scenes video and picture of the Punisher in action, doing the things the Punisher does best, throwing lead. Fan and critic’s reactions to Bernthal’s Punisher will be key to any movement on a solo Punisher series or movie going forward. Marvel may have denied any plans, but overwhelming positive reviews might sway that decision. (more…)

If you’ve never run across an Ask Marvel video, the concept is simple. Fans send in questions and the stars answer. The latest Marvel series to go under the fan question microscope is the cast of Netflix‘s Daredevil Season 2. Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll and Jon Bernthal read and answer fan questions. Click through to find out important and interesting facts about their season two characters. (more…)