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Community Season Six Premiere Date Announced


Community has had quite the history, and it’s a major feat that the show has managed to stay on the air despite the struggling ratings and behind-the-scenes malarkey that has been thrown in the show’s way throughout its run. Surprisingly, the show has remained a resilient cult favourite, fulfilling the “six-seasons-and-a-movie” doctrine. The show has seen Chevy Chase falling out with series creator Dan Harmon; Harmon then getting fired; Chase deciding to leave; Season four losing its way due to the departure of Harmon; Harmon being reinstated. And, just when we thought things were copacetic,  show favorite Donald Glover announced his plans to leave, with Yvette Nicole Brown following suit after season five. You have to admire the tenacity of the remaining cast and crew and the respect they uphold towards the fans. (more…)

Jason Sudeikis Cast as Fletch


Chevy Chase’s Fletch is a seminal film for sarcasmaphiles and now, after a long search and many lesser candidates, the franchise is getting an action-comedy reboot with former Saturday Night Live and Horrible Bosses star Jason Sudeikis in the lead role, but is it a good fit?  (more…)

‘Vacation’ Cancelled, Former Rustys Rejoice

National Lampoons

New Line Cinemas has put a pillow over the face of its National Lampoon’s Family Vacation reboot, delaying the film that was/is set to be directed by screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan GoldsteinEd Helms and Kelly Bundy — whose acting career was finally starting to take-off — were/are set to star.

Already in pre-production, filming was supposed to start in July, but as is often the case with multi-million dollar film projects, a catering company was hired before filmmakers and the studio had discussed whether to make a family friendly PG-13 film or a raunchy R rated film. Apparently, NC-17 slasher porn was not a consideration, though I think we can all agree that it should have been.

In case you’re wondering, there was no release date set for the all new Family Vacation film (the first since 2004 without Cedric the Entertainer), but fans are urged to seek out a copy of Little Miss Sunshine sometime around the summer of 2014 in an effort to get over this testicle numbing loss.

Speaking of testicle numbing, there is no word on if this delay will effect Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo‘s scheduled cameos either. The two were set to reprise their original roles, but now they may have to humiliate themselves to make a living, turning to Old Navy commercials like a couple of has-beens because the kid from Freaks and Geeks (Daley) had a sudden case of standards.

Star Ed Helms might also be in the wind now, since he no longer has a contractual obligation to be the worst part of The Office. If he — for some reason — needs to decamp this project, I’m sure producers have a long list of adequate replacements, so sit the fuck down Jason Lively.

As for Bundy (aka Christina Applegate), I’m sure she’s happy that the studio didn’t scrap the entire concept in favor of making National Lampoon’s Family Vacation into a multi-camera/laugh track laden shitcom.

Source: THR, I had to Google the name of the kid who played Rusty in European Vacation (Jason Lively). You probably did too.



nb-community-top-seven-episodes (1)

Under Dan Harmon, Community existed to poke normality in the eye, embrace the weird, and pay tribute to and/or mock… well, nearly every meaningful shred of the pop culture swaddling cloth, but now that he’s out, the show is in-arguably heading into a different era. Good or bad (so far, bad), the show will be different in some way, and so, as October 19th occurs across the globe and as Community returns in an effort to fullfill the promise of #SixSeasonsAndAMovie, we thought it would be best to name our top 7 episodes of Community, a task that was incredibly hard due to all the fantastic candidates.


The winter edition of the Television Critics Association Press Tour is currently underway. It’s a chance for TV critics from print, web and TV to get a look at the new year’s offerings from many of the network and cable channels. One of the first ones up on this tour was NBC, a network for whom this truly is both the best of times and the worst of times. It’s the best because NBC finished number one this fall in the 18-49 demographic purely on the back of Sunday Night Football and The Voice, but at least one of those things they won’t have in the spring.

But what they will have, as of February, is the fourth season of Community. Now fans are understandably concerned about their favorite community college-based cast of weirdos and eccentrics having lost creator Dan Harmon in the off season and being barely renewed for a short, 13-episode season that was pushed back from a fall launch date. So it was put to NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt, is there any hope for a fifth season of Community?

“We’re absolutely hopeful it will lead to a fifth season,” Greenblatt said (via Deadline). “I’d love nothing more than to see it continue.” As to whether or not fans will notice a big difference in the transfer of power from Harmon to new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port, he added, ““I think you’ll see relatively the same show that you did before, maybe with a little bit more heart built into it.”

Greenblatt also commented on another Community controversy, the rather loud exit by Chevy Chase late last year. “Actors come and go on a lot of shows and this is a big ensemble,” he said. “I don’t think that’s going to be a big negative about the future of the show.”

As to another NBC show that might have developed a cult following had it made it to series and not been unceremoniously dumped on the air the Friday before Halloween, Greenblatt talked about why his network didn’t pick up Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane.

“We just decided that it didn’t hold together well enough to yield a series,” explained Greenblatt. “It looked beautiful and original and creative, but it just all ultimately didn’t come together…, it just didn’t ultimately creatively all work.”

Still, the chairman had nothing but love for the cast of the show. “We felt great about [Jerry O’Connell as family patriarch Herman Munster, Portia de Rossi as his wife Lily, Eddie Izzard as Grandpa, and Charity Wakefield as cousin Marilyn],” he added. “But we tried to make it not just a sitcom. We tried to make it an hour, which ultimately has more dramatic weight than a half-hour. It’s hard to calibrate how much weirdness vs. supernatural vs. family story. I just think we didn’t get the mix right.”

Community is back February 7 at 8 pm EST/PST. Mockingbird Lane will never be back.

Source: Screen Rant

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This week on Earth-96’s favorite podcast: Jeremy and Jason try to decipher what NASA is hiding with their latest discovery, wonder if the rise of the illiterates sunk SyFy‘s battleship, and examine Marvel Now! (Thats their exclamation point, not ours.)

After that (and before it in some cases, this is hardly chronological, baby) the fellows dismiss Glee‘s geek grab, ponder when the Star Wars rumor mill will spin off it’s axis and crush us all, and mourn the death of Dirty Jobs.

Also, with hockey on ice (clever!) many kindly Canadians are rushing out to buy things that they can put into themselves and their special ladies — we talk about the rise in sex toy purchases up north, Jeremy reveals his strongly held views on armless hump balls, and Jason reveals a very special story about his… well you’ll just have to listen won’t you?

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Will Helms go on ‘Vacation’?

According to Variety, the Griswold family may be about to select yet another Rusty. Office star Ed Helms is in talks to play Rusty Griswold, (the son of Clark Griswold aka Chevy Chase) in four National Lampoon’s Family Vacation movies. Previously the part of Russ has been played by Ethan Embree, Anthony Michael Hall, Johnny Galecki, and the one whose name no one remembers.

The film is being written by John Michael Daley and his writing partner Jonathan Goldstein. The duo previously wrote the screenplay for last summer’s surprise hit, Horrible Bosses. Thus far, no director has been selected, though the fact that Chevy Chase will likely return in a smaller role probably means that Dan Harmon will not be involved.

We don’t yet know if the National Lampoon’s name will remain in the title for this franchise kick starter. It would seem proper, but they have descended into a cesspool of direct-to-DVD cleavage, college students, and drinking movies over the last decade, so it might actually affect the film’s box office negatively. We also don’t know if they can pull Randy Quaid away from the Canadian wilderness and his anti-Star Whackers mission. Here’s hoping.

Source: Variety

Even with Dan Harmon‘s sudden exit from his creation, as well as the move to its new home on the Friday night “death slot”, NBC‘s Community has at least one glimmer of good news lately. Season four will see the return of the entire cast of the series.

According to Deadline, everyone will be back for the abbreviated fourth season of the comedic series, despite reports of some cast members moving on to new projects. Community premieres on October 19th, and will bring back series regulars Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Yvette Nicole Brown, Chevy Chase and Gillian Jacobs in their return as the eclectic group of students from Greendale Community College. The only name not mentioned was Jim Rash – Dean Craig Pelton to the fans of the series – who may have yet to sign on.

Hopefully, Jim is only finishing the negotiations of his contract and we’ll see him again as well. New co-showrunners and executive producers David Guarascio and Moses Port will take over in this shortened 13 episode season produced by Sony Pictures Television. If this keeps up, fans may very well get their six seasons and a movie (fingers crossed).

Source: Coming Soon

The cast of Community has appeared in both claymation and Japanimation, now they’re going 8-bit. In these exclusive images of their upcoming season finale see the Greendale Seven imagined as video game characters from a bygone era.

This episode is about Pierce battling for his rights to his father’s fortune. Finally, an episode where Chevy Chase will actually do something, I’m sure he’s thrilled. How this all takes place within a video game though, is beyond me, but I already know I’m gonna love it.

Make sure you tune in this Thursday at 8:00pm on NBC, and then again at 9:00 and 9:30 because for some reason they’re burning through three new Community episodes in one night. Oh! And next season, you’ll have to catch Community on Friday nights because NBC seems committed to killing any hopes for a larger audience.

UPDATE! IGN has scored an exclusive clip from Community in 8-Bit, check it out!

Still don’t know why they’re in a video game, but who cares, this episode looks awesome!

Sources: Kotaku, The Mary Sue