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As is tradition, during tonight’s Children in Need broadcast on BBC One we were treated to a sneak peek at the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.” Longer than the incredibly short clip they previewed earlier, this one gives us a bit more info about what’s happening in the 50th as well as when Doctors Ten (David Tennant) and Eleven (Matt Smith) will first meet. (more…)


It’s been a long drought between Doctor Who episodes. Albeit, part of that’s been anticipation and build-up for the landmark 50th anniversary episode of the show, but seriously, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new adventure featuring our favorite Time Lord, or any of his variations. So to get the hype going for the November 23 worldwide launch of “The Day of The Doctor,” the BBC is releasing not one, but two, Doctor Who minisodes to wet your appetite for the big show. (more…)

It’s here! Our first smidgen of Doctor Who since we say goodbye to The Ponds weeks back in “The Angels Take Manhattan.” This Christmas special, prequel, minisode, thingy just aired on BBC for Children in Need and ZOOM!, just like that it’s available on the YouTubes. Gotta love the future. The video is introduced by Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman and while they’re playing themselves you can already see a great chemistry between Doctor and companion. I’m excited for their upcoming adventure.

Minisodes are cool. Also, “Damn, Moon.” Ha! I love the Christmas special already and I’ve only seen this snippet. Can’t wait for Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny (Caitlin Stewart), and Strax (Dan Starkey). And is it just me or does The Doctor look a little like the Artful Dodger?

Stay tuned for the Christmas special trailer. We’ll post it here once released!

UPDATE! Here’s the Christmas special, “The Snowmen,” trailer, as promised,

They sure are teasing us with that whole Coleman was Oswin and now Coleman is Clara thing, aren’t they? Are there any clues in here or is it only more teasing to mess with the fans?

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Sadly, it’s not a clip, but what kind of clip could we expect for a short minisode that is probably only five minutes in length? No, it’s a promo image you can see above, I suggest you click it to embiggen, but it was released with this short little blurb,

Doctor Who, featuring Matt Smith, will bring viewers an extra special ‘prequel’ to its Christmas special, with a bespoke storyline made for Children in Need, and an exclusive preview trailer of the Christmas special including the first glimpse of the Doctor with his new companion.

The Doctor Who/Children in Need shorts are something I always look forward to. They’re a little bit of Who to tide you over until the Christmas special, which itself is usually tiding you over until the series returns with a full season. Basically, I can’t get enough Who. And this upcoming minisode, airing Friday, will lead into what will be our first glimpse of The Doctor and his new companion, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman). Y’know, when she’s not a Dalek.

But going back to that promo image, is that The Doctor’s new wardrobe? It’s seem to match the outfits we’ve seen him filming in, but I wasn’t sure it was a permanent change. Looks a little like the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann’s getup doesn’t it?

For those of us here, on the American side of the pond, you may be wondering when the Christmas special will air? Never fear, BBC America announced today it will air 9pm ET on Christmas Day. They also included this little blurb which tells us next to nothing, but here it is,

Following the epic mid-season finale, the Doctor gets in the holiday spirit in the all-new Christmas special written by lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat (Sherlock). Accompanied by his newest companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, the Doctor’s latest adventure through space and time sees him once again crossing paths with the homo-reptilian Silurian Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and her cohort Jenny (Catrin Stewart).

See you all here Friday for the release of the Children in Need minisode!

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As promised, during BBC’s Children in Need special we got our first real look at Doctor Who‘s Christmas Day episode. The episode we now know as “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe,” has the Doctor evacuated to a house in Dorset away from war-torn London. There he meets Madge Arwell and her two children, Lily and Cyril as they learn of the house’s strange caretaker and his magical wardrobe.

If you think this sounds familiar, and maybe a bit like a major C.S. Lewis ripoff, don’t be shocked, that’s the point. Check out the trailer below.

Matt Smith made another appearance during the Children in Need special, showing up to present some neat Doctor Who items for the charity auction. What’s available for bidding? The Doctor’s costume from Neil Gaiman‘s episode ”The Doctor’s Wife” (tweed jacket, shirt, black jeans, black boots, braces, bow tie and watch) and the winner will also receive a, “copy of the sketch script penned by Doctor Who showrunner and mastermind Steven Moffat and signed by Matt Smith.” I believe the sketch they’re referring to is the Children in Need minisode.

Smith said,

I hope people donate generously for BBC Children in Need because it’s a wonderful cause- and we’ve got to beat last year’s total. I saw Terry Wogan on TV the other night, and thought come on! Let’s make more money! So hopefully we can raise a good amount.

I’d say the tweed jacket or the bow-tie are the most iconic — although the boots are my personal favourite.

Bidding ends on November 21st, so get crackin’ and make an offer at

This auction of the Doctor’s clothes only means one thing. Naked Doctor!

Actually, this is a promo image from the Children in Need minisode. But whatever it fits.

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The BBC‘s Children in Need charity appeal airs tomorrow evening and as always there will be a special Doctor Who minisode premiering which will link the end of last season with the Chrismas Day episode. Children in Need is a phenomenal charity the Doctor has been affiliated for some time now, learn more about them here.

I love these minisodes because they allow the Doctor to have a zany adventure that wouldn’t fit in with the regular season. Like 2007’s “Time Crash” which brought the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, face to face with his former self, the 5th Doctor, Peter Davison. (Then Tennant married Davison’s daughter, Georgia Moffet who played Jenny in the episode “The Doctor’s Daughter.” Tennant and Moffet had a kid who is not only the child of a former Doctor but the grandchild of a former Doctor. Meaning this kid is most likely destined to save the earth from some terrible catastrophe in the future. True story.)

This year we’ve been told to expect something completely different and surprising, and I’m guessing from this teaser image it’s full throttle action.

Does Matt Smith look like an honest to goodness action star or what?

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There’s no bigger Whovian on late night than Craig Ferguson. Do you remember the Doctor Who-themed episode (Complete with opening dance number.) when Matt Smith came on? The man’s got a TARDIS sitting on his desk for Gallifrey’s sake!

So, of course when Alex Kingston joined him last night to promote Like Crazy, they chatted about everything from accordions, the rumored Who movie, having a crush on Neil Gaiman and how Matt Smith smells.

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