It wasn’t too long ago when Rovio‘s Angry Birds mega-franchise infested every nook and cranny of mobile gaming: from ill-considered Pixar licensing to a Star Wars expansion to the obligatory space simulator, the game took the concept of flightless birds vs limbless pigs tossing and just ran with it. However, the recently released international trailer for the film seems to raise more questions than it answers in the first place…



Lemony Snicket’s (AKA Daniel Handler) A Series Of Unfortunate Events told the tale of the recently-orphaned Violet, Klaus and Sonny Baudelaire, as they were left to the custody of their wicked uncle, Count Olaf and his nefarious schemes to pretty much murder the children, in an attempt to get his grubby hands on their fortune. The series (appropriately) spanned across 13 books, with the siblings dodging past some increasingly elaborate Bond-villain traps, schemes and plots, as they struggled to put together the mystery behind their parents’ untimely demise.

Netflix has recently announced that they are intending to go ahead with a full TV series adaptation for the whole family, while trying to keep its pitch-black humorous appeal intact. They even went so far as to cast Mark Hudis, True Blood’s previous show-runner in the role of the arch-villain Count Olaf. However, in light of his recent (so far unexplained) turning down of the role, Netflix went ahead to cast another to play of the most memorable attempted child-murderers…


Internet freak-outs are always fun to watch, but there are some where, even through all the laughing, you just have to say “What the fuck?” This is one of those times.

Everyone, at one-time, has had their parental unit(s) refuse to buy them that MUST HAVE thing. You would kick, scream and even bargain till your face turns blue. This kid however, turns it into an art form.

 It looks like this little trainer didn’t have enough badges to control the high level Mother Pokemon, so guess it’s back to the poke centre for this kid. It’s all good though, the cameraman has 2 god cards in his deck.

I feel the same way when people don’t buy me porn for my birthday, I feel his pain.

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Zombies have become a bit over-done in mainstream entertainment media, as of late. It seems that wherever you turn, there are zombies in movies, television shows and video games. A bit oversaturated. Regardless, the Zombie train ain’t stoppin’ anytime soon. And now it’s reaching a new frontier. Children. Wha?

Yeppers. Kids are being targeted with a new zombie film being made called Zombie Pet Shop, which will be a CGI animated 3D adventure.

The Animation Picture Company has acquired an original script from E.L. Katz’s. The story concerns a mysterious plague that sweeps through a mall pet shop, turning all of the animals into zombies. An ordinary pug named Joey must come to the rescue to find the antidote that will save his four-legged friends, as well as the humans that might take them home.

“concerns a mysterious plague” – is there any other kind of zombie pandemic?

*Sigh* Zombies have reached a point in the popular zeitgeist where they might as well be cute puppies.

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