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ABOVE: Ever wonder what it would have been had Clint Eastwood actually been cast as Batman? Wonder no more! Aged, pissed off, a carrying a case of permanent smoker’s lung. It’s a perfect blend of Bruce Wayne and the “Man with no name”. Definatly not someone you want to meet during a criminal heist. [Geek Tyrant]

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Where’s Waldo? On the Big Screen of Course

There have been many greats in the game of “hide and seek”: children,  the snitch from Harry Potter, Osama Bin Laden. None greater however, then Wally Waldo, better known as the beloved character of the Where’s Waldo children books. Each giant book contained double-page spread illustrations depicting dozens of crazy characters, with the single minded goal to find a guy wearing a red and white striped shirt and round, Harry Potter glasses. The original hipster.

Let’s be honest, Waldo is a pain in the ass to find, but when you do… it’s like you’ve hit the jackpot. Film studio MGM is hoping for a jackpot of it’s own, purchasing the rights to develop the children books into a live action film franchise.

LOS ANGELES, CA (November 07, 2011) – MGM’s President of Motion Picture Group Jonathan Glickman today announced that the studio has secured feature film rights to bring Classic Media’s Where’s Waldo?® to the big screen in a live-action family adventure.

Created by Martin Handford and first published in 1987, Where’s Waldo? is one of the most recognizable characters in the world and a pop-culture icon. A publishing phenomenon with more than 55 million books sold worldwide from New York to Sydney to London to Tokyo, Where’s Waldo books are available in more than thirty-eight countries and have been translated into more than thirty languages. Where’s Waldo has also been spotted in gaming, selling more than 4.6+ million Apps for iPhone and iPad.

“We are thrilled to be bringing the search for Waldo to the big screen. Along with our partners at Classic Media, we look forward to making a worldwide adventure that will appeal to Where’s Waldo? fans of all ages,” Glickman said.

“Waldo is the most searched-for character in the world,” said Eric Ellenbogen, co-CEO, Classic Media. “With thanks to MGM, fans everywhere will find Waldo in movie theaters with his motion picture debut.”

MGM’s Cassidy Lange, Vice President, Production, will oversee the project for the studio with Ellenbogen and Handford’s business partner Mike Gornall serving as Executive Producers.

I have high hopes for Waldo and his friends Wizard Whitebeard, twin sisters Wilma and Wenda and his dog Woof (who’ll most likely be cgi). It still questionable as to what could happen in a Where’s Waldo film, since all you did as a reader (there was no reading) was just look for Waldo.

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When do you start exposing your children to classic movies? According to artist Josh Cooley, sooner than you’d think!

Cooley has created a picture book based on scenes from classic movies that you can read to your kids before they go to bed. Why not give the little younglings some culture? We all know Dr. Seuss isn’t going to teach them anything useful in life.

Check out below the jump for a sample of some of his work, and you can also check out his book, and even order prints of the pages, here.



I have a nephew who is a little over 6 months old, and loves to have books read to him. I can see that he is going to be a big reader when he grows up!

So, why not take this time to introduce your young children to the wonder’s of classic science-fiction like Doctor Who or Dune?

Thankfully, it looks like the folks at CollegeHumor have done all the word designing the covers (now someone just has to write the things). Which would you like to read? My personal vote is for #3.

Check out the extremely entertaining pokes at classic science fiction below the jump.