Normally dressing up like a comic-book character and going to work will get you laughed right out of the office. It’s one of the reasons why conventions were started in the first place. In China however, the rules of work place ridicule don’t seem to apply as they do here in the states. I dunno, maybe they do. Not really sure. All I know is, that 25 year old, Wang XiaoKang (Teehee….Wang) a Telecom employee in China made a ballsy (hehe… balls) move by going to work in his own Iron Man Mark I armor.

Created from lightweight foam, lighted by LED lights and painted to look like genuine iron, this amazingly accurate Iron Man costume is wicked. Though, he did forget to add the direct IV line of scotch to supply to his bloodstream, he would have nailed it then. His fellow employees did enjoy the show, taking pictures and helped XiaoKang into a babe magnet (so we’ve heard).

Let’s see Tony Stark’s long lost brother at work in the video below:


Via: Comics Alliance

Baby Goes BOOM!!!!!!!!


What’s one way to get your baby some extra special attention? Put them in a weaponized baby stroller. Why? Not only will you grab everyones attention as they walk by but your baby will probably become the most popular kid on the block…that is, if someone doesn’t call the Department of Social Services on you first….