choose your own adventure

Yes, you read the headline correctly. They are indeed working on a movie based around the Choose Your Own Adventure books that some of you may remember from your childhood. And while the details are as of yet unknown, the project does have a scriptwriting team and a director almost ready to go. For all the details, scroll to page 2. To ignore this news, close browser. (more…)

So how’s about that premiere, bastards? Did anybody watch it? Personally, I think it was a slow start to the season but lots of seeds were planted and things are being paced in the typical Mad Men fashion.

YouTube dudes, thefinebros, put together an 8-bit interactive video game to pay tribute to the show beginning its 5th season.  Guys, it’s a choose-your-own-adventure game!  The most poignant moment is when Roger says, “When aren’t we drinking?”

Y’all really need to check it out.

Obviously, Don never shows that much self awareness but it’s still damn entertaining! The music is fuckin’ annoying, though.

Source: The Mary Sue