Chris Jericho

At some point you’ve played Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots and thought “that would be cool to try out with real live robots.” Well dreams do come true. Syfy is bringing the Robot Combat League to our respective TV sets. The show will be hosted by former WWE superstar and Fozzy front man Chris Jericho and it will be on it’s way in the new year.

The creation of reality TV producer Craig Plestis and robotics expert Mark Setrakian, this unique show pits teams of two — one engineer and one “robo jockey” — with one of twelve custom made robots in an elimination style tournament for $100,000. If your bot is damaged during one of the boxing/MMA ruled fights you’re given 20 minutes to fix it, but if your box suffers a critical failure or your 20 minutes expire you’re out of the tournament and Hugh Jackman’s kid gets taken by his evil aunt Debra and uncle Marvin… or something.  Check out more after the jump.

Wrestlemania 26 Results & Review

wrestlemania26Sunday, March 28th, WWE held it’s 26th Wrestlemania event at Glendale, Arizona and folks, it had it’s hits and misses (and had to wait standing in line for an hour and a half to be seated at B-Dubs to watch this). We had the first Bret Hart match after he left WWE 12 years ago. The returning Rated R Superstar went one on one with his former partner Y2J for the World Heavyweight title. The “fans dream match” of John Cena vs. Batista for the WWE title. There were many matches on the card and they added a match late last night just so there was 10 matches on the card. Check out after the jump to see who won and what happened during the event. (more…)


Every year, around the end of March, the wrestling nerds and fans around the world looks forward to WrestleMania. This year the big wrestling event is being held at Arizona on March 28th and yours truly will be watching the event like always as he gets his fill of male soap opera. So, this list will provide 5 reasons as to why you should watch this years WrestleMania. But the list has its “twist” as in that the same 5 reasons to watch it will also be reasons why WrestleMania 26 might suck and not worth watching. Yeah, may not be too original but hey its something. Now, read on after the jump to the reasons why. (more…)