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The best parts of Comic Con usually require varying combinations of patience, planning and persistence. A little luck goes a long way too. Using a little bit of all of those, I found myself on a very short list of people admitted into (and allowed to photograph) the Veronica Mars after party on Friday night.

A few days ago, I was fortunate enough to receive a mass invitation to Samsung’s Veronica Mars after party. It promised that some of the cast and creators would be on hand, celebrating the successful Kickstarter campaign that funded a feature film (to be released in 2014).

After a Hall H panel and a fan gathering for those who contributed to the Kickstarter, the cast (including Kristen Bell, Ryan Hansen, Chris Lowell, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III, Jason Dohring and show creator Rob Thomas) made their way to the Samsung Galaxy Experience on 6th Avenue.

The Samsung lounge is a cool area showcasing their latest technology with some fun applications on those gadgets. To order drinks at the bar, you had to navigate through pictures of cocktails on display phones and send your request to the bartender. While that didn’t really seem any easier than just asking a bartender for a drink, I won’t complain if the booze is free.

After about 45 minutes of waiting around and texting pictures of margaritas to the bartender, I got a little bored and wandered toward the front door. It turned out to be perfect timing since that was the exact moment the cast arrived. People were ushered toward the back of the lounge while the two staff photographers moved into position at the red carpet. I stood as close to the main photographer as I could and started fiddling with my camera, trying to look like I belonged there. Kristen Bell walked over and started fielding questions, and no one ever asked me to leave. One staff person did ask if I was with a media outlet or just a fan to which I replied “I’m with Nerd Bastards.” It was as simple as that.

[Editor’s Note: See? Say our name, and you’ll get results. Hit the jump for Shawn’s full gallery of images from Samsung’s Veronica Mars after party red carpet. And if you haven’t already, read up on what went down at their panel and watch the latest trailer for the Veronica Mars movie!]


The Mighty Marvel Movie Rumor Mill is still cranking out interesting little tidbits about their upcoming movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. The lead role of Peter Quill/Starlord is still open and now names like Wes Bentley, Chris Lowell, and Cam Gigandet have entered the discussion.

In a move reminiscent of a Stan Lee‘s “Stan’s Soapbox,” where Stan would pontificate and throw out future project ideas to see what would get a reader response, word from the Marvel camp (Via Latino Review) is that Marvel is looking at two big name comedic actors to take on the roles of Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Who might that be you ask? Jim Carey and Adam Sandler.

Marvel is asking for the availability of both Jim Carrey AND Adam Sandler!

It’s not a bad idea really, add a well known name to not so well known comic book team. The question becomes, would either of those two consider the role and how well would they handle it? Between those two I would want Jim Carey, he has a lot of experience with voice work and comic book movies like Batman and Robin and his upcoming role in Kick Ass 2. I’ve often thought he might BE an alien, so thinking about him playing one is not much of a step to take.

Let’s not forget that The Walking Dead‘s Micheal Rooker, who’s worked with Guardians of the Galaxy‘s director James Gunn before, wouldn’t mind playing that rascally Rocket Raccoon as well.

If you’re worried about an overly comedic actor taking on the role, just check out what Gunn was able to do with “comedian” Rainn Wilson in Super. The tension and comedy of that movie performance was electric, Gunn could recreate that with whichever actor finally gets the role. Gunn seems to have that magical ability to draw additionally unknown talent out of his actors.

Via: Latino Review