Chris McKenna

The halls of Greendale Community College just became a bit less bubbly and quite a bit darker. Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays sandwich shop owner and study group member Shirley Bennett on NBC-now-Yahoo! Screen’s Community, has announced that she will be leaving the series, TV Guide reports. The actress was asked to be released from her contract with the show due to family concerns, specifically caring for her father, who is ill. (more…)


This year’s Comic Con saw a lot of great moments: Loki’s verbal assault on Hall H, Karen Gillan’s bald head, and Dan Harmon‘s dramatic entrance to Sunday’s Community panel dressed as Iron Man. Thank to the ever awesome, Emergency Awesome, the full panel is now available online. Featuring Harmon along with executive producer Chris McKenna and stars Alison BrieYvette Nicole BrownGillian JacobsKen JeongDanny Pudi, and Jim Rash, the panel was a big hit and the crowd was in full celebration. The nightmare that was last season of Community is now behind us.

Watch the full Comic Con panel for Community below cut, and also check out video of the Marvel panel, the Agents of SHIELD panel, the FOX panel, the Doctor Who panel, the Robocop panel, and the panel for The World’s End.