Chriss Pratt


Take two of the hottest stars in Hollywood, put them together in a big Sci-Fi/Romcom/Action/Adventure December movie with a talented director and you’ve got box office gold. That’s what Sony is banking on this Christmas movie season when Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence pop onto the big screen in director Morton Tyldum‘s (The Imitation Game) Passengers. Now we’ve finally got the first trailer and it looks incredible. Pratt and Lawrence already set the expectation bar high, but throw in the scifi setting and a robotic bartender and you can call it a day. (more…)

Chris Pratt Jurassic World

Going by the new image that has just been released on the interweb, it looks like Chris Pratt has made a couple of new friends on the set of Jurassic World.  With the recent release of the first full trailer for Jurassic World, it appears that Pratt has the deadly velociraptors trained like a litter of domesticated house cats – all cute, cuddly and docile to boot. In an interview, Colin Trevorrow recently clarified the relationship between Pratt’s character, Owen, and the raptors. (more…)