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I consider myself a rather astute cinematic study and even I cannot fathom just what in the Hot Buttered Christ (HBC®) is going in this first footage from Lost River, Ryan Gosling’s surreal-looking directorial debut. From the feel of this minute (which, really, probably tells us nothing in the grand scheme of things) all I know is that Gosling is definitely following in the footsteps of Nicolas Winding Refn (with whom he made Drive and Only God Forgives) and not making an easily digestible piece of consumerist nonsense (like his pal Joseph Gordon Levitt’s debut Don Jon). Goofiest of all? The Doctor himself — Matt Smith — flexing his muscles as some sort of weirdo bully.



Matt Smith has been cast for his first American film role by Ryan Gosling. The movie, How to Catch a Monster will find Smith starring opposite Christina Hendricks. That should get many a fan girl and boy’s hearts racing. The story is Gosling’s own, a noir-style urban fantasy which Empire described as:

Against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city, [HtCaM] finds Billy (Hendricks), a single mother of two who usually works in a fetish club, swept into a dark fantasy underworld. While that’s happening, her teenaged son finds a secret road leading into an underwater town. Mother and son must figure out various mysteries if they want to keep their family alive.

This also marks Gosling’s first time in the director’s chair and Gosling has gathered a stellar cast to make the whole first time process a little easier, Smith and Hendricks are joined by Eva Mendes, and Ben Mendelsohn. Shooting begins later this Spring with a release date some time in 2014. This should not conflict with any shooting Smith will be doing for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special as How to Catch a Monster should wrap up shooting well before the Doctor Who special’s production shooting begins.

What do you think? It will be interesting to find out what Gosling’s directorial style will turn out to be. Will he be an actor’s director or an over zealous micromanaging tyrant? Will fans be able to mentally separate Smith from his character as the Doctor? Can Smith pull off a character other than the Doctor?

As we get more clips, teasers, stills, or interviews about the project we’ll bring them to you here.

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Gingers! So what’s the big deal? Why are so many of us apparently fascinated by folks with red hair, light skin, and occasionally freckles? Especially when such individuals become media personalities? “Red” is the rarest natural hair color on the planet: Only 1-2% of the world’s population have it. Red hair has been associated with personality traits such as fiery temperament, combativeness or aggressiveness, and an overactive–if not downright freaky libido. Religious and mythological figures from King David to Judas Iscariot to the Egyptian God Set have all been thought to be, or depicted as being Gingers. Oh, and with apologies to Marvel Comics and Chris Hemsworth: According to Norse mythology, Thor was a redhead–not a blonde.

As for why redheads are called Gingers in the first place, there seems to be no real consensus: It’s primarily a British term, and still considered mildly derogatory to many in the UK. One popular theory is that it has nothing to do with color, but instead refers to the hot-blooded demeanor redheads supposedly possess. Most likely, it started in the middle ages, when “Gynger” referred to the coloration of a red rooster. Regardless of the hows and whys, redheads stick out, and more than a few have made indelible marks on popular culture. Here then is ten of the most well-known and influential Gingers, who have risen to iconic status….despite the unfortunate handicap of having no souls.


Well, this is interesting. Drive star Ryan Gosling (anyone else memba him from that Goosebumps Ep. Say Cheese and Die?) has been bitten by the directing bug. According to Deadline,  Gosling  has signed on to write and direct How to Catch a Monster.  Gosling will direct his Drive co-star Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) in the lead.

Here’s the film’s premise:

Written and directed by Ryan Gosling, How to Catch a Monster weaves elements of fantasy noir, and suspense into a modern day fairytale. Set against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city, Billy, a single mother of two, is swept into a macabre and dark fantasy underworld while her teenage son discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town. Both Billy and Bones must dive deep into the mystery, if their family is to survive.

Very interesting news indeed. This is Goslings first attempt at creating and managing something all his own. And, a fantasy  to boot? Wow, that’s really bold.

I for one,  have come to respect him as a talented actor . This Wizard of Oz/Labyrinth-esque fantasy  sounds interesting. I wish him the best of luck.

Oh, and it goes without saying, but  Ryan will definitely have more than a handful with Christina Hendricks (if you know what I mean).

How to Catch a Monster is set to begin production in the spring of 2013

‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Teaser Trailers

AMC‘s critically acclaimed Med Men is not a show that we would typically feature here at Nerd Bastards. It’s a bit out of a nerdy wheelhouse. However,  it’s so fucking good that we can’t help but mention it.

Madmen takes us into a Manhattan advertising agency before and during the Vietnam war. The men wear snappy suits, smoke like chimneys, and drink like fish. The women, oh the women, they dress and have curves. The show deals with so many issues such as race, marriage and parenting. The brilliance is all in the subtext. Many lines have double or even triple meanings.

While I could go on and on praising the show, I’ll simply say the style, writing and acting is truly phenomenal. This is one of those must watch shows.

Anyway, AMC has released a bunch of promo trailers for Mad Men season 5 announcing that all of our favorite characters will be back to bring on the drama. The characters included in the teasers are for Joan (Christina Hendricks), Roger (John Slattery), Peggy (Elisabeth Moss), Betty (January Jones), Pete (Vincent Kartheiser), and of course, Don (Jon Hamm).



Every time the topic of Wonder Woman comes up, I am inclined to run down the list of why she sucks. I’m absconding, because I’d just preaching to the choir. We all love the idea of Wonder Woman (a symbol for female empowerment), but fundamentally, we all know that she’s a weak character that’s never had any real sense of quality or connectivity. Which is why a television show or feature length will never work. Yea, yea….it was cute int he 70’s with the Lynda Carter short-shorts hour, but those were different times. Since then, there has been two major attempts to realize the amazon princess on the big and small screen. The first being a failed feature-length movie by nerd deity Joss Whedon. It got canned because of conflictions with Warner Bros. interests. Neither party wanted to make the same movie. The second, and most recent, was the failed Wonder Woman pilot on NBC by David E. Kelly (Ally Mcbeal). A few piss-poor costume design choices and a bull-shit ‘woman struggling in a big city’ story had fans flinging da poo. It was axed before the pilot episode was even finished shooting. Point is, if two of Hollywood biggest writers can’t produce a quality product, then take it as a sign that this character is not workable or sellable. Leave the star spangled panty bitch in the funnys.

Regardless of all that, some people like to dream. Such as the case of writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn. He wants to make a Wonder Woman movie … and he’s put his career on a path to make it happen.

IndieWire quoted Refn as saying, “I have this dream concept: I want to make Wonder Woman as a feature. And I thought in order get to access to that I should probably become a bit more Hollywood-friendly.”

Refn, a Danish filmmaker who made a name for himself with movies about drug deals gone wrong, recently made his first American movie, Drive, about a drug deal gone wrong.

According to IndieWire, “Refn’s playing the long game on this one, confessing that he took Drive partly to boost his bankability with studios.”

As it happens, Drive won the 2011 Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Director, which gave him enough cred to be tapped for the reboot of Logan’s Run, currently in preproduction.

Logan’s Run will be a Warner Bros. movie … the same media conglomerate that owns DC Comics. If Logan’s Run performs well, Refn really does stand a chance at choosing his next project. And there’s no doubt as to what he would choose, saying, “Wonder Woman is probably something that, to me, would be not just a satisfaction, but almost a [catharsis], and I was born to make it.”

OK, as much I’d like to make fun of this guy for being delusional, I gotta say it’s nice to see a director who is enthusiastic about his career path, and who’s committed to a worth-while property. Though honestly, I think I may be a little biased, simply because of his choice of who he thinks should play Wonder Woman. If he had his way, he’d have ex Drive star Christina Hendricks (Firefly, Mad Men) play our Amazon princess. Refn was quoted saying “If I ever get to do it, she’s going to be it.”

Hendricks as Wonder Woman? I can see the cleavage now. oh god please let this happen. Boobage aside, her role on ‘Firefly’ is a fine indication of how she can pull off being a butt-kicking babe.

IndieWire wrote, “Hendricks seems to want to do the project as much as Refn, saying in an interview last year that ‘I’ve been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life … I had Underoos — I had Wonder Woman Underoos.'”

Bottom line, I like Refn’s passion and casting choice for the TITular character (see what I did there?). And, I like him as a director. Having seen ‘Drive’ and the under rated ‘Valhalla Rising’, his films are like gigantic pieces of abstract art. Pretty nifty stuff. As much as I hate Wonder Woman, a man like this might actually be able to give the character some justice. Will have to wait and see how the next couple years play out and pray to god Christina Hendricks face doesn’t fall a part from age, or that her boobs deflate.


Review: All-Star Superman


Doomed Planet.

Desperate Scientists.

Last Hope.

Kindly Couple.

Finally got my hands on a copy of All-Star Superman and it’s magnificent!  Superman’s last adventure is truly an epic, thrilling tale, just like you’d hope it to be. I must admit I have not read Grant Morrison‘s and Frank Quitely‘s 12-issue series this film is based on. Blasphemy, I know. Don’t worry, that will be quickly remedied, but it does give me a chance to review this film from the outside, approaching this material for the first time.

Note, spoilers are contained in this review.

We’re all familiar with Superman. The Man of Steel, the Big Blue Boy Scout, the champion of Earth. All-Star Superman is the story of Superman. It encompasses so much of what is true to the character; selfless acts, incredible battles, the bumbling reporter who crushes on Lois Lane and finally, sacrifice. We begin the story with Superman saving the day, per usual, this time it’s the first manned mission to the Sun. As a side effect of the rescue Superman’s cells have been over-saturated with yellow solar radiation, this leaves him unbelievably strong (even for him) but it’s also killing him. The Man of Steel is facing death and he has a few important things he wants to do before he leaves.


Christina Hendricks' NYMag Cover

Now, while her role on Mad Men may not exactly qualify her for the role as Wonder Woman, Christina Hendricks certainly has the body to fill out the suit (Don’t forget, she also has some sci-fi butt kicking cred. She played Saffron, a very crafty and very sexy con artist in Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly’.) When Hendricks was asked about the rumors about her playing the classic female superhero made famous by Linda Carter, she confirmed that they are just rumors.

However, don’t get dismayed guys, you may still may get the chance to see our big-bosomed friend don that spandex.  Although, only rumors are floating around about Hendricks playing the role, she is more than stoked about the opportunity to play Wonder Woman!  She had this to say,

“I heard that rumour too – I don’t know where it got started but I love it! I’ve been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life! I’d love to do it. That would be such fun. Let’s put it out there!”

So what do you guys think about this??  Should we “put it out there” as far as campaigning for Hendricks to play the role??

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( We here at NerdBastards don’t frequently print up other peoples great work from other sites. But this was too good to be viewed by only me.Written by Sephira at Sephira, We At NerdBastards Speak Your Name)

It’s a question that has plagued mankind since literally the dawn of time. Are the boobs of Christina Hendricks, renowned actress of Mad Men and Firefly fame, the same ones that Nature gave her? Or have they been enhanced? And will we ever know for sure?

Today, we are prepared to settle the debate once and for all. Here are four scientific reasons for why we think Hendricks’ breasts are, indeed, the real thing.

1. Positioning

One of the main arguments for Ms. Hendricks’ rack being surgically enhanced is the way it looks in pictures such as this:

X2Now, any person with a decent knowledge of boobies will be aware that fake breasts generally inhabit a higher position on a woman’s chest, and also show a more definite upper ‘outline’ between boob and non-boob: (more…)