Christmas Songs

NerdBastard’s Christmas Musical Bonanza

Tired of all the old Christmas classics?

Want to rock out Christmas?

Sick of elevator versions of Grandma got run over by a reindeer?

NerdBastards agrees!

So NerdBastards scoured the Internets looking for new, different versions of Christmas songs that any self respecting nerd can get behind. Take a listen to those songs chosen and let NerdBastards know which were your favorites and maybe even some good ones we missed in our search in the comments section below.


The Superman Christmas Carol, “Jor-El, Jor-El”


I have a passionate hatred for Holiday music as much as the next guy, but I couldn’t rob you of this cute, comic book related twist on a Christmas carol.

Michelle Osorio is dreaming of a Kryptonian Christmas, with her own take on the Christmas carol “Noel,” which has been rechristened “Jor-El.

Umm, BOOBS or GTFO! Seriously, Michelle, we can see that you have some big fun bags hanging below the screen. Don’t try distracting us with your cute nerdy Christmas concept. Get ya tits out!

In all seriousness, this was pretty good. Thank you for creating this geektacular, seasonal, 2:45 of bliss.



Night the Jedi’s Saved Christmas

Screen shot 2010-12-13 at 10.50.38 PM

Star Wars and Christmas have never really had a good relationship. In fact, it was an awful, awful relationship and the less said about the Star Wars Holiday Special the better!

Luckily, the band Sci-Fried created the song embedded below entitled “Star Wars Christmas,” and it actually is not bad. In fact, it is extremely catchy.

Good luck getting it out of your head!