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Above. Catwoman. By Mike Mignola.  Like you need more? [Nudity and Nerdery]

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Actor Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Bastards) is known for playing some of the best villains in film. To hear he was cast as the lead in The Muppets sequel, it blew my mind. I can only imagine what it would have been like to see such an intense actor sing, dance and joke with The Muppets. Too bad it’s not going to happen.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, Waltz had to bow out.

The Hollywood Reporter broke news that Emmy award winner Ty Burrell will be taking over for Chris in the Nicholas Stoller and James Bobin written and directed sequel.

Not a bad choice. Being the a lead on the hit show Modern Family, Burrell sure knows how to act around muppets.

Not much is known about the exact plot except that it’s set in Europe, focuses on some kind of caper, will once again feature all the Muppets (including new addition, Walter) and three of the lead human roles are Burrell’s Interpol Inspector, a Russian Femme Fatale and another man “whose intentions are always in question.” Oscar-winner Bret McKenzie will also be back writing songs.

The Muppets sequel will reportedly shoot sometime next year in London, England, but as far as we’re concerned that’s a long ways away.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more casting news is developed in the future.

Source: /Film

“Gentlemen, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention” – Calvin Candie (Django Unchained 2012)

The full trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained (Westplotation? Blaxtern?) has hit the net. This latest revenge flick by QT tells the tale of hardened slave Django (Jamie Foxx) being rescued by bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Christopher Waltz) who enlists him to find three slave brothers. On their escapades they run into slave owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) who doesn’t take kindly to their lefty views on men owning men. Candie also may know a little something somethun’ on Django’s long lost wife.

A Tarantino film about racism and revenge. Need we say more?  Check it out below:

Fandango has the official trailer release.

Is it me, or was trailer a bit of a misrepresentation on those two R&R themes I mentioned above? Seriously,  I wanted to fan myself like a southern bell and say “my word” after viewing this, but instead I was left feeling slightly confused by its tone. Is it really that hard to convey the horrors of slavery and the evil men do?

Regardless, this is Tarantino were talking about. He always manages to insert a feeling of fun and intelligence… and feet. Oh rest assured, we’re bound to see a number of  provocative shots of women’s feet.

I will say, DiCarprio looks deliciously charming as the  Kentucky Fried asshole Calvin Candie.


Django Unchained hits on December 25.

Set in the South two years before the Civil War, DJANGO UNCHAINED stars Academy Award®-winner Jamie Foxx as Django, a slave whose brutal history with his former owners lands him face-to-face with German-born bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Academy Award®-winner Christoph Waltz). Schultz is on the trail of the murderous Brittle brothers, and only Django can lead him to his bounty. The unorthodox Schultz acquires Django with a promise to free him upon the capture of the Brittles – dead or alive.

Success leads Schultz to free Django, though the two men choose not to go their separate ways. Instead, Schultz seeks out the South’s most wanted criminals with Django by his side. Honing vital hunting skills, Django remains focused on one goal: finding and rescuing Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), the wife he lost to the slave trade long ago.


Earlier this week a rumor hit the net that Inglourious Basterds Oscar winner Christoph Waltz was up for the role of Curt Connors, aka The Lizard in Marc Webb‘s Spider-Man 3D reboot. Well, SuperHeroHype claim to have spoken directly to a source inside Sony who has debunked the rumor!

…there is definitively no truth to this rumor… a blogger’s wishful thinking perhaps? Our sources say that when the role is cast, there will be a great actor involved.

So there you have it. The internet bringth and the internet taketh away. Though, whats interesting here is the admission that the Lizard will be Spider-man’s big bad. Really? Isn’t The  Lizard a bit of a bland villain to use? Sure, you got the whole Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on,  but when Connors is the Lizard he’s a mindless beast. All he wants to do is play around in New York City’s sewer systems, eat cupcakes (or so I’ve heard) and occasionally terrorize an old lady. Admirable foe, yes. Compelling villain, not so much.


Now, the Kangaroo on the other hand, a character who commits crimes by jumping around like one. That’s a villain I can get behind (#sarcasm, I usez it).

Andrew Garfield is set to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and that the film will be released in 3D and 2D theaters on July 3, 2012.