christopher yost


When it was announced that the third Thor movie, which will be in a theater near you in the summer of 2017, was going to be subtitled Ragnarok, there were a lot of questions about the full meaning of the word in the context of the Thunder God’s next solo adventure. “Ragnarok” literally means “the final destiny of the gods,” which can be taken any number of ways, but that word “final” has some very specific implications. So we’re forced to wonder, is Ragnarok going to be a blood bath? Will it be, in effect, the final Thor solo adventure? We can’t answer that last question, but one of the co-writer’s is definitely pointing to an affirmative on that first question. (more…)

max steel

Though it was a bit beyond my time, there was, apparently, a line of Mattel toys called Max Steel back in the 90s somewhere.  This toy line, much like some of its famous predecessors, branched out and expanded to cartoons, video games and animated films.  Now, they want to take it a step further and convert the old property into a real life movie.  And though the project has been plagued with a few problems, it looks like it’s back on track to production.

Max Steel has switched hands from Paramount to Dolphin Entertainment, who plan to go ahead with it.  They’ve enlisted the aid of writer Christopher Yost, known for his work on a veritable shit-ton of cartoons ranging from Wolverine and the X-Men to The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and director Stewart Hendler, known for nothing in particular.

The story, in case you’re as in the dark as I was about Max Steel, revolves around a teenager named Maxwell McGrath and his alien buddy Steel.  Together, they combine to form Max Steel, a mighty super hero.


Thanks to ComingSoon for the heads-up.