This is BEYOND funny.  The peeps over at College Humor threw together some amazing cartoon images of what it would be like if some of our favorite cartoon characters from childhood grew up with us and attended college.  We get everything from Robot Frats to the some of the character stuffing their faces with the typical College weekend meal, pizza.

So to answer some of your pressing questions….YES Bart Simpson is still a mischievous bastard who does shit like sell drugs on the dl in the public library.  Yes, Johnny Bravo is a tool at the gym.  And yes, Chucky from Rugrats continued his nerdom from a kid and did not turn into some suave lady mans in College.

Check out all the pics and laugh your ass off as much as I did after the jump!

Source: CollegeHumor



Regardless of whatever you may think of Burger Kings food there is no question they have some of the very best commercials/ads. Primarily the ones that feature the ever so silent, super creepy yet hilarious Burger King Mascot. You can’t get much better than the King or can you? Perhaps if you got some 80’s horror icons like Freddy, Jason and Chucky could you possibly trump the King. Well, that’s exactly what some ad based company in Dubai did. When Burger came to them for a print campaign advertising BK’s late night hours. As someone that loves fast food and horror films I can only say…..FUCK YEA! Of course the marketing is all sorts of wrong. Honestly, these ads implies that BK is the preferred food of murderous rapists. I didn’t know BK had a target demographic that big. Also on a side note: what’s up with the Scream guy? Nobody likes the Scream guy. Why not Leather Face? His mask, made of flesh resembles an angus beef patty. He’s a billboard onto himself.

Full size images of ads featuring Jason, Freddy, Chucky and the Scream guy after the jump