The audience for AMC’s The walking Dead is huge. Bigger even than the shambling multitude of corpses that chase its protagonists around our screens every Sunday night. Now that the show has earned its well-deserved eighth season renewal, there’s no reason to think that the end is in anywhere near in sight. The story of the intrepid band of beleaguered survivors battling undead hordes can’t be contained in a paltry eight seasons. In fact, as Show runner Scott Gimple recently hinted, It can’t even be contained by the small screen.



Let’s pause for a moment and create a scene. You and your chick walk into a movie theater, sit down in the last row, look around to see if anyone’s watching, and then start a five-course make-out session that involves some minor clothes-removal. Rated PG-13 for sexuality.

Well my friends, those days could soon be gone, unless you are into the whole being-video-taped-thing, and if you are…ick…at least in public anyway, I’m all for crazy shit behind bedroom doors, of course.

Apparently, in order to fight piracy (aka illegal recording of movies) some theaters have decided to strategically place cameras in the theater in order to catch your every move. As of now, the cameras are able to detect recording devices in the audience and then sets off an alarm to alert management. The company, Aralia Systems, is now in the process of enhancing the program in order to scan audience reactions (emotions and expressions), to gain data on how crowds react at certain moments during the movie.

“Within the cinema industry this tool will feed powerful marketing data that will inform film directors, cinema advertisers and cinemas with useful data about what audiences enjoy and what adverts capture the most attention. By measuring emotion and movement film companies and cinema advertising agencies can learn so much from their audiences that will help to inform creativity and strategy,” Dr. Abdul Farooq.

So, now I have to be part of a focus group? Well, if that’s the case I should be getting paid to lend out my services! Free movies for all!

What do you guys/gals think of this new technology? Is it invasive of one’s privacy? Is it a good way to stop piracy? Will it stop piracy? Would you go see a movie knowing these devices were being used?

Let me know your thoughts.

Sources: Myce and Geekologie