Claire Holt


Since the announcement that CBS is producing a TV version of DC Comics’ Supergirl, probably every twentysomething actress in Hollywood has pictured herself in blue tights and a red cape, flying through the air to save the day. It’s a plum role to be sure, and probably the most watched bit of TV casting at the moment, which is why we’re bringing you yet another name that’s floated to the surface of all the name-game guess work. Interestingly, like the casting of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel, it seems now plausible that his cousin, the Girl of Steel, may also be played by a British actor, Gemma Atkinson. (more…)


Casting a superhero is a perilous thing. If the actor you hire is unexpected, or unknown, or not immediately obvious to the average fan, then the nerd rage created online will sometimes blot out the sun. That might be particularly dangerous for Supergirl considering that she gets her power from Earth’s yellow sun, but regardless, CBS is persevering with the casting of their new superhero in her eponymous upcoming series for the network. As these things go, a new name has risen to the stack of 8x10s in the latest report on the casting process for Supergirl, and if you’re a regular viewer of shows on The CW (where Supergirl’s heroic colleagues Arrow and The Flash currently reside on TV), then you might be familiar with this new actress who’s reportedly in mind to play the Girl of Steel. (more…)